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ᴐkᴐn Jee-Tuo celebrates Historic Homowo

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Asafo-Atse Nii Tetteh ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo III and chiefs and people of Abola and its environs in Ga Mashie have celebrated historic Homowo which follows after all have celebrated their Homowo in the area.

This yearly historic Homowo is always celebrated by the clan house of Asafo-Atse ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo on Wednesdays, five clear days after all others have celebrated theirs. No any other clan house or chiefs or elders are allowed to do same.

According to the elders, the clan house of the Asafo-Atse ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo has the special right to celebrate this historic Homowo to welcome one of their great warriors, Asafo-Atse Nii ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo I, who made a triumphant entry into the Ga Mashie.

Asafo-Atse ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo I, who was installed in 1777, was at the war front with their enemies for years; but he returned home when the celebration of the main Homowo in the whole Ga Mashie was over.

To welcome him home, his clan house had to celebrate another Homowo with him where fresh Kpokpoi was prepared for him to sprinkle within his jurisdiction again in Abola as Asafo-Atse ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo I.

On this occasion, everyone dresses in white regalia to signify victory in war with the enemies.

In an interview with Ghananewsonline.com.gh, on the sidelines of the main Homowo celebration, Asafo-Atse Nii ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo III, with appealed to all in Ga Mashie to eschew troubles. He urged feuding factions to enable peace and unity to reign amongst them in the Ga State.

Asafo-Atse ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo III, Nii Tetteh, who was installed in 2017, (28 years after the death of his predecessor), took advantage of this year’s Homowo to appeal to the youth of Ghana to stay away from hard drugs like tramadol, cocaine, ‘wee’ among others as it has the tendency to destroy them.

He used the Homowo event to appeal to all the youth in the area to stop anything that could destroy their future and in turn bring ‘depression and frustration’ to their parents; noting that “a child that troubles the parent does not get blessing”.

In a related development, Nii Tetteh ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo III, known in private life as Isaac Nii Armah, has appealed to the security agencies in the Greater Accra Region to help curb criminal activities in the area. He said crime in Ga Mashie is on the increase and something serious must be done about it now.

Asafo-Atse Nii Tetteh ᴐkᴐn Jee-tuo III, Dressed In His Regalia & War Hart

Source: Delali A. Awuyeh


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