Togo makes progress at its Borders

Ever since Gnassingbé assumed the Chair of Ecowas, his priority has been on free movement at the borders. He is reported to have made a number of surprise spot-checks at specific borders with members of the Ecowas Commission since June.

While one continues to await word from the Togolese president about developments in his country from 19 August, the Extraordinary Parliamentary session continues in the Togolese capital, with Ecowas Parliamentarians using much of their days, starting Sunday, to check the state of free movement at particular borders.

** reports how there has been considerable improvement at the Togo-Ghana  and Togo-Benin borders. This observation was made by no less than the President of the Ecowas Parliament, *Moustapha Cissé Lo*, who has been making on-the-ground checks with a delegation of Ecowas Parliamentarians.

Cissé Lo explained how the three countries of Ghana, Togo and Benin are currently applying the protocol on free movement and goods. For his part, however, one way of dealing with obstacles to the free movement would be the region-wide usage of the biometric ID card across the Ecowas Community.

According to Cissé Lo, “we are launching a call to the Heads of State of Ecowas to accelerate the process” of the Biometric ID Card. He has further called on the Ecowas Chair to put his full weight behind a move that will facilitate integration.

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