Former MPs in Ghana to form a Think Tank

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The Chairman for the Forum for Former Members of Parliament (FFMPs), David Apasara, has indicated that members of the Forum, which comprise all former members of Parliament (MPs) have the intension to constitute themselves into a think tank to intervene in certain pressing national issues.

He mentioned that the country has so much been polarized along Political Party lines, and this has generated unnecessary and unwarranted political tension in the country.

So to calm nerves in this respect, members of the forum will avail their experiences so as to bring a sigh of relief to Ghanaians.

Apasara made this known when the forum paid a courtesy call on former President John Agyekum Kufuor at his Airport-based residence last week.

He stated that the group was there to announce to the former President that there was such an organization that seeks the warfare of former MPs, most of whose condition has become so deplorable leading to most of them dying prematurely.

He told the former President that cash – trapped former MPs has been struggling in court to have the Chinery Hesse Report, which talks about the maintainance of former MPs implemented.

This, he noted, has further worsened their already despicable financial situation.

He observed that former members has gathered lots of experience on governance and that they must be recognized and their experiences tapped.

Sadly enough, with the Ghanaian former MP, once “you step out of Parliament, you are consigned into the dust bin,” he exclaimed.

He pointed out that it was this vast experience and expertise at their disposal, which they didn’t want to go waste hence the formation of this association.

He subsequently appealed to the Former President, to throw his weight behind the forum, so as to make it all the more formidable to enable its members put at the disposal of Ghanaians, especially as far as the seeming political tension is concerned.

President Kufuor expressed happiness at the presence of the Forum and its members and urged them to continue with the struggle for their economic and political emancipation in accordance with the aims and aspirations of the Forum.

While assuring them of his support, he urged them to include all interested former MPs, even from the First Republic, if any were still alive.

Source: S. O. Ankamah

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