1OO’s of Ayalolo Buses left to Rot in Kumasi

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HUNDREDS OF Intra-city transport buses popularly called “Ayalolo” have been abandoned in Kumasi by the current New Patriotic Party (NPP).

Whatsup News is in possession of a video that shows hundreds of these virtually new 80-seater buses left in the bush and at the mercy of the weather at a suburb of Kumasi. The buses imported into the  country by the erstwhile National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The main reasons for importing these buses in 2016 was to supplement the efforts of Ghana’s com­mercial transport industry as well as provide time-bound transport services to commuters in Accra and Kumasi.

Whatsup News gathered that these abandoned buses operated in Kumasi for a short while and suddenly vanished. It turned out that the transport authorities in Kumasi had dumped the buses.

These comfortable buses come equipped with GPS systems, cam­ eras, television monitors and mobile charging points. They charge an average of GHC 1on standard trips and were a welcome relief for frantic city commuters.

In Accra where most of these Ayalolo buses were dispatched, their numbers are gradually dwindling. However in Kumasi the Ayalolo bus system is virtually nonexistent currently.

Whatsup News has been unable to ascertain the reasons why these buses have been abandoned. A cross-section of the public think the fate of the buses is not unconnected with politics.

These buses were ordered by the erstwhile John Mahama administration close to the 2016 general elections and it is believed that the new administration of the NPP considered the buses a political strategy hence the zero commitment  given to the operations of the bus system.

Many of the buses are said to require minor repairs to get them back on the road.

Source: Whatsup News



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