2018 Budget is full of exaggerations – Rikett-Hagan

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The Honorable Member of Parliament for the Cape Coast South constituency, Kweku Ricketts-Hagan, has describe the 2018 budget as a document full of exaggerations.

He said the New Patriotic Party (NPP) government always come up with promises they cannot fulfill, adding that such promises are only aimed at gaining votes.

He said this in an exclusive interview with ghananewwonline.com.gh shortly after the budget statement and economic policy of the Government of Ghana for the 2018 financial year was delivered to Parliament by the Finance Minister, Hon Ken Ofori Atta, at the Parliament House in Accra.

“One good thing I heard in the budget was about the graduate employment, but they spoilt it by talking about 100,000 graduates to be enrolled next year. The problem with this government is that they have good plans but they exaggerate too much,” he said.

“They are more interested in promising for popularity so much that they think at the end it will get them votes,” he added.

On the reduction of the tariffs on electricity as a relief to Ghanaians the deputy trade minister said it is baseless because the Energy sector has acquired lots of loans and needs to be paid.

“Obviously, if no one has to pay a tax in this country, it will bring relief to the citizens, but the question is, is it the right thing to do? It is not just about reducing taxes, we must consider the implications too” he said.

According to him, “this is the Energy sector that we have gone to borrow money to settle its debts, and now that we want to clear the debts we are going to reduce tariffs? This is laughable” he stated.

Source: Priscilla Anum-Noi || ghananewsonline.com.gh


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