The 8 Qualities of a Vagina that drives Men Crazy

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Most men have the idea of the perfect vagina. Though in this world most things naturally fall short of perfection, but you can do something to at least achieve some goodness of it. So what qualities does a perfect vagina possess? Here are some answers from men.

. Strong Vagina: Strong Vagina. It should have a strong grip enough to chock a man’s penis. A perfect vagina would be one whose kegel muscles are so strong they could strangle a horse. Nothing feels great than being with a woman who is in total control of her vagina, she can flex the muscles when you are inside her.

2. Tight. Tight enough until the man has to struggle a little to get his penis in. The best part of the sex is the initial penetration like you are trying to penetrate a private place where you have to first seek permission to get in.

3. Well lubricated. A vagina which has natural lubrication that is flowing freely when a woman is aroused is what most men love. Lubrication that lasts long enough until the man finishes, and makes the penis sufficiently wet when having sex.

4. Nice smelling vagina. Men hate a vagina that smells bad enough such that he does not wish to move his nose close to it. But most men admit that a nice vagina will have its natural scent which is very arousing to most men. Ask men who love licking it!

5. Men also do not like vaginas that keep quaffing or ‘farting’ more so during sex. A vagina that keeps sucking air is interpreted as ‘big’ by most men. (though not necessarily true).

6. Orgasmic vagina. That is a vagina that will achieve orgasm within reasonable time. Most men have no horse power to thrust for more than 20 minutes continuously and when a vagina takes too long to get its orgasm, it irritates some men (except those who love marathon sex.)

7. Feels just good from any angle. That is, from whichever side the man is penetrating, it just fits in to his penis.

8. CONFIDENCE: Men love women who are confident with their vagina. She should be aware that the organ gives men tremendous pleasure and a run for their life, after all, most men spend almost all their lives trying to get into one why wouldn’t women feel proud of it?


1. To get a firm grip in your vagina, do kegels routines. Kegels are exercises that make the vagina stronger and be in top shape.

2. To get a tight vagina, do kegels too and learn to flex your vaginal muscles when having sex. Even a man whose penis is small can still feel your vagina.

3. To be sufficiently lubricated, do kegels, eat healthy foods, avoid alcohol and smoking, discuss your family planning with the doctor to know if they have any negative impact to your lubrication, avoid stress, or seek to solve any other issue that is making your vagina dry e.g. insufficient hormones.

4. To smell nice just be clean, treat any STI or STD or infection that you may be having, eat well more so fruits and natural fruit juices, etc.

5. To avoid farting vagina, please do kegels, this solves most problems.

6. To get an orgasmic vagina, well just ensure your vagina is healthy and you are healthy too.

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