800 Displaced By Flooding In Amansie West District

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About 100 houses have been destroyed, and 800 people displaced, in the Amansie West District, following incessant rains over the weekend.

Most communities have been cut off, as more roads are flooded, with passengers and vehicles getting stranded.

At Manso Nkwanta, six houses and four metal container shops were destroyed, and more properties damaged, while more than 50 houses have been damaged as a result of the old dams being created by the Bonte Gold Mines at Mpatuam.

Some of the communities affected by the flooding are Manso Koniase, Dadease, Datano Manso Agroyesum, Manso Mim, Manso Atwere and Manso Moseaso.

The District Chief Executive for Amansie West, Mr. William Bediako Asante, and officials from the district National Disaster Management Organisation office have visited the affected areas to sympathise with the affected victims, with the assurance that assistance was being considered.

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