Trouble looms in Biakoye District as Assembly Members prepare to reject Kiki Again  

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Information gathered from the Biakoye District of the Volta Region suggests that, Members of the Biakoye District Assembly are lacing their boots to vote and reject Millicent Kabuki Caboo popularly called Kiki again, should she still be brought back as the President’s nominee for DCE.

Millicent Kabuki Caboo was on Monday voted against when assembly members cast votes to either reject or endorse her nomination.

Out of the total 43 votes cast, 18 members voted in her favour while 25 voted against her nomination.

Meanwhile, there are some inordinate attempts by some people fronting for her to be brought back by the President.

A follow up on recent developments as far as Kiki’s nomination and rejection is concerned, members as well as executives of the ruling NPP are not pleased with attempts to get her back since assembly members are not ready to work with her.

Speaking to some of the Assembly members, they insist Millicent Caboo is an alien to the constituency and that she only surfaced when she contested for the Women Organizer position of the party in the constituency.

The assembly members vowed to vote against her if she is brought back hundred times, “…even if she is brought back for hundred times. We will vote against her hundred times. It is better if the president nominates another person than to nominate her again to save her from humiliation and embarrassment,” the assembly members indicated.

Meanwhile, party executives are also of the view that Kiki is a disaster and therefore the president must never consider her again for the DCE position.

Party executives in the Constituency said, Millicent Kabuki Caboo was rejected because assembly members believed she does not have the qualities needed in an assembly man to bring peace and unity among the people of Nkonya and Alavanyo.

They believe that, the assembly members are the best people to determine who becomes their DCE since they will be working closely with that person.

“…it does not lie in the our power as party executives to determine who becomes the DCE or force the president to nominate a person even though assembly members rejected him or her,” they pointed out.

According to constituency executives, although they might have their preferred candidates for the DCE position, they must make the peace, unity and development of the district and for that matter the constituency paramount, hence they will support the assembly members in their efforts to reject anybody who is appointed but unqualified to assume that position.

They insisted that, the district requires somebody who is strong enough to maneuver to bring peace to the area as the DCE.

They stressed that any attempt to force Millicent Caboo on the people will further divide the area, worsen issues and collapse all peace efforts being undertaken by traditional leaders and government.

Source: Prosper Agbenyega

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