99 Assemblies awarding New Contracts

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…in the face of new uncompleted projects 

TECHNOCRATS at the various Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies have been cautioned to desist from aiding their respective Chief Executives in awarding contracts that have the tendency to retard progress at the local level.

The Head of the Local Government Service, Dr. Nana Ato Arthur, disclosed that the recent task given to a three-member team by Chief of Staff has revealed that about 99 Assemblies in the Western, Central, Ashanti and Brong-Ahafo regions are awarding new contracts for development projects, while they have a number of uncompleted projects dotted around, expecting to be founded by the same sources of funding.

He has, therefore, urged the Co-coordinating Directors, Development Planners, Engineers, Budget and Accountants at the various MMDAs, to be dispassionate in discharging their duties.

Dr. Nana Arthur said this at a meeting in Kumasi with technocrats at the various MMDAs in the Ashanti Region.
The tour, aimed at sharing ideas, listen to the concerns on the new Decentralisation Policy, also took Dr Arthur to Brong-Ahafo and the three Northern Regions.

Dr. Nana Ato Arthur partly blamed the inefficiency at the local assemblies on the poor performance of technocrats since the Chief Executive Officers of the Assemblies alone cannot unilaterally take decisions that could cripple the Internal Generated Funds of such assemblies.

He assured the heads of the various departments under the local government service in the region that there would not be any witch-hunting of staff of the Local Government Service.

Source: Adwoa Okyere DARKO || The Finder, Kumasi

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