A Case of Political Endorsement of Police Crimes and Brutalities in Ghana

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The Menace Of Official Corruption And High Office Crimes In Ghana

In Ghana, it is overwhelming to note that those in authority, who are supposed to fight and prosecute crimes and corruption, are actually the main perpetrators. Outcomes from most research think tanks as well as public perception indices indicate that the police are the leading culprits when it comes to this social menace.

The police in Ghana over the years have created a myth about themselves. And that myth is, they are the face of government, hence no matter the gravity of crimes they commit they would never be held accountable. Riding on the crest of this myth, a significant section/ proportion of the police service have now morphed/ transmogrified into criminals.

A classic example of police involvement in criminal activities is the recent defrauding and swindling of a legally registered American gold marketing company in Ghana. We have also not forgotten the harassment and brutalities meted out to innocent citizens in the Afram plains of the eastern region of Ghana. Those same police officers from Afram plains latter on became armed robbers who shot and killed their colleague who was escorting a bullion bus/ van transporting money. Some of these police officers even go as far as to steal electrical and fiber optic cables etc. Police involvement in corruption and crimes in Ghana are does countless, with some going on daily bases.

So it does not come as a surprise when on one of my returns from Europe, a group of senior officers at the national police headquarters took bribe from criminals and supervised my torturing, stealing of my money and properties. These officers together with the criminals have taken hold of my mini-bus which they run commercially and share the money amongst themselves. Aside these crimes, the criminals in recent times have resorted to extreme violent attacks against me. For details on the crimes against me, please read the documents attached to this email.

Without questioning the darkness breeding criminal elements within our police service, these crimes will soon get out of hands. My recent experiences have helped me to come to some understanding of why there is an upswing of police involvement in criminal activities.

The first one is the obvious bonanza crime and bribery brings to the table. The second, which is the most unfortunate, is that, some if not most of our political elites have developed a relationship with the police that deprive them of any moral courage to stand up to them (the police). The third is the fact that Ghana is becoming a crime state, where the individuals/ citizens have come to accept crime to be a normal thing to do, in so far as the perpetrator can buy himself/ herself out of any sanctions by paying bribe.

I could also suspect a notion of appeasement, which might hold, that, the police provide security to the political elites, and for a favor in turn, the politicians chose to keep quiet over police misconduct, thereby giving the police a free pass to harass innocent citizens and rob them of their hard earned possessions.

Over the years, I have written several emails and letters to most of our politicians and ministers. I have also called most on telephone, and have met some of them to complain about the criminals and their activities against me.

Even though there were/ are clear moral and legal imperatives for the ministers to act/ intervene, the most startling thing however, is/was that none of them had shown any serious concern, let alone standing up to the corrupt police officers on their blatant violations of my basic human rights, notwithstanding other numerous crimes committed against me.

Thus, most of the politicians/ ministers I have contacted are tacitly shielding the criminal elements within the police. Instead of coming to my aid, and calling for investigations, they are rather helping the corrupt police officers by trying to sweep the crimes under the carpet. Some even don’t seem to feel they have any obligation towards my peace and security.

When I met and narrated the crimes to the minister of information, he asked what should he do about it? On meeting the interior minister, he told me that he is not going to act till he gets instruction(s) from the president of the nation to act. His reason was that, I have copied him in the petition to the president instead of writing directly to him, and as such he will not act.

The criminals heard what the minister said, because they had been allowed earlier on to mount their audio receivers and transmitters in and around the minister’s secretariat before I entered.

The minister’s statement therefore energized the criminals, and on the same day when I left the minister’s office to the town where I live, the criminals organized a mob to attack me with rods and iron bars. I sustained injury to my head and other bodily parts and bled profusely.

I subsequently wrote another petition to the interior minister telling him of what has happened to me, and the need for him to act. Up till to date, the interior minister is neither showing any interest in my case, nor stopping the corrupt police officers and their civilian criminal associates.

The truth is that, the interior minister and some of the ministers I had contacted, have all allowed themselves in one way or the other to be influenced by the corrupt police officers. Some of the ministers I contacted made it clear that, issues bordering police misconduct falls under the jurisdiction of the ministry of the interior so I have to seek redress from that quarters. For verification, kindly refer to some of the attached documents.

I have no option but to hold our politicians/ ministers to high standards. The ministers’ statement(s) were very surprising apart from being unfortunate. The integrity of our democracy is at stake, and it is the obligation of our executive branch officials to refuse to carry out such orders (from the police) that are inconsistent with what this country is all about.

The president has made his statement on the crusade against corruption and high office crimes very clear. However with the mentality and attitude of some of our office holders, the question we all need to ask ourselves is, will this crusade succeed?

I am humbly appealing to all reading this piece to tell the Honorable Minister of the Interior that, the corrupt police officers and the criminals have influenced some employees and personal assistants to hide my petitions away from the ministers. The same thing has been done to some of the state authorities.

One of such is Esther Bekoe at the presidency (flagstaff house) who is hiding my petition to H.E., President Nana Akufo-Addo. In a similar fashion, my petitions to the ministers of Education, Gender, Children & Social Protection, Education and Foreign Affairs are all kept away from the them (ministers) by their respective personal assistants/ or secretaries.

There is a certain responsibility that our political class needs to take for police crimes and brutalities in this country. These outrageously high rates of police crimes and corruption is not only unacceptable, they are also having tragically negative impacts on our society. The international community, diplomats and investors are all complaining. I may not be qualified to tell the Honorable Minister of Interior that nobody would like to invest in a country of insecurity, where the leading criminals and extortionists are from the state security apparatus and officials.

All that I can ask for is that, he uses the powers vested in him to let justice prevail. I am in need of my money and properties seized/ stolen by the criminals and their police accomplices. The minister of interior should also tell the corrupt police officers and their criminal associates to remove the audio recording equipment they have put in and around my house. They should also stop influencing and paying money to ladies who stalk me everywhere for sexual relationship. I suppose Ghana should be above these primitive acts.

By taking instructions from criminals within the police service, the state ministers are not only endorsing, but are also helping to entrench police crimes and brutalities in Ghana. By charting this course/ road, there will be no bright future for our dear country. And our state ministers need to understand that.

I am therefore humbly appealing to all to come to my aid in whatever way possible, especially the media, the global community against human rights abuse and the international community within and outside of Ghana. There is power in the collective voice against evil of any nature, hence anyone interested in further information and/ or clarifications beyond what is provided here should kindly contact me.


Many thanks.

Seth Odai Mensah

Free Lance Civil Engineer

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