A starved Office of the Special Prosecutor won’t function properly – Naa-Koshie Lamptey

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The President’s’nominee for the Deputy Special Prosecutor position, Madam Cynthia Jane Naa-Koshie Lamptey, has asked that the Office of Special Prosecutor (OSP) is properly resourced to live up to its mandate.
In her view, the OSP may not achieve its mandate of curbing corruption in the country if it was not properly resourced with both personnel and the logistics it needs to function effectively.
Appearing before the Appointments Committee of Parliament in Accra on Wednesday, the pioneer Deputy Special Prosecutor nominee said the challenges at the Attorney General’s (AG) Department, the department from which the OSP derives it powers, which hinders its work, may replay itself at the OSP if it was not properly resourced.
Madam Lamptey, a former Acting Director of Public Prosecutions at the Attorney General’s Department recalled that whiles at the AG’s Department, working conditions were very terrible that State Attorneys had to buy their own office stationery like A4 papers in order to undertake their prosecutorial duties.
“When you do this to an attorney, he or she may not continue with the case he or she is in charge of,” she told the 26-member Committee stressing the need for the OSP to be properly tooled.
Key among what she said the OSP needs were “right calibre of personnel with proven integrity” and the needed infrastructure in order for the Office to go after people in public office who may have dipped their hands into state coffers unjustifiably.
Recognizing that OSP could only “fight but can’t eradicate corruption” in the country, the 59-year old said she would assist her boss put together good dockets that would secure convictions for the state.
“I will help the Office to build good case dockets that when we go to court, we wont be wanting. We will build good case dockets that when we go to court, we wont be thrown out,” she stated.
Expressing her readiness to work with Martin Amidu, the Special Prosecutor, Ms. Lamptey said she will not allow herself to be shoved and rendered redundant in the discharge of her duty.
“I will resign if I am sidelined,” she threatened.
According to her, she was nominated to work at the OSP and not to the Office for “cosmetics purposes.”
“I can’t and I wont be a puppet” at the OSP she declared.
Extolling her credentials over her 29-year legal career, Ms. Lamptey said “I have high moral character and proven integrity to be the Deputy Special Prosecutor.”
Asked if she had ever been tempted with a bribe before, Ms. Lamptey said: “I have never thought of [receiving bribes] and even if they brought it, I wouldn’t even have seen it.”
Noting that politicians were exposed to acts of corruption as captured in the OSP Act, Ms. Lamptey advised people with close relations with politicians to “stop running on the corridors of power” because if they did so, they will land them in trouble.
The OSP Act, 2017 was passed during the third meeting of the first session of the seventh Parliament last year with the mandate to investigate cases of corruption involving public officers and politically exposed persons in the performance of their functions.
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