Accra Mayor appeals to Muslims to take Formal Education Serious

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The Mayor of Accra, Mohammed Adjei Sowah, has urged Muslims to take formal education serious, as way to combat poverty and underdevelopment of the Zongo communities.

According to him, if young Muslims can memorise and recite the whole Holy Quran without looking into it, he does not see the reason why they cannot study mathematics, geography, science and other subjects to become leaders in the future.

“Nobody can take a book and recite it from the beginning to the end, but the Muslim child can do that. So, reading mathematics, geography, etc., should not be difficult at all,” he challenged.

Mr Sowah made the statement at the 2017 Quranic Memorisation Quiz Competition, organised among Islamic schools by the Kamatullah Quran Society of Ghana, on Sunday, June 18, 2017.

He assured the gathering that the President was optimistic about seeing upgraded and transformed Zongos, for which reason, a ministry and special fund had been set up to oversee the development of these communities.

He advised: “Let us position ourselves to receive the good things that are coming our way. I want us to be part of the transformation.”

The Accra Mayor further appealed to all Muslims to read the Quran morning, afternoon and evening, to keep their spirit in tune with Allah.

Speaking about the quiz, he indicated: “I see this occasion as our obligation to Almighty Allah.”

The 2017 Quranic Memorisation Quiz Competition witnessed five different groups competing for different prizes, thus, the competition was based on age difference – A (15-17), B (13-15), C (10-13), D (8-10), E (6-8).

However, at the end of the quiz, Jamel Hassen and Mariam Abdul Rahman were respectively adjudged winners for category ‘A’ and ‘B’, and received tabletop refrigerators, mini laptops, school bags containing stationeries, and food provisions.

Other categories of winners were Sadis Ishaq (C), Mohammed IIyas (D), and Rabiu Saadis (E), with each receiving a Quranic coded mini laptop, food provisions, and school bag containing stationeries.

Source: Bernice Bessey || The Chronicle

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