Accra Poly Mgt. calls Bluff of Lecturers

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The management of the Accra Technical University (ATU) called the bluff of the Local Executives of the University, as they (Management) refused to heed to their call to fix basic teaching and learning facilities in the University.

THE REPUBLIC gathered that the University is facing basic challenges that are not beyond the Internally Generated Fund (IGF) of the University, but the Management would not do it, until the government comes to provide these facilities.

According to the Chairman of the Local Executives of ATU, Dr. Jones Adjei Ntiamoah, they notified Management on September 4, 2017 to provide the school facilities such as adequate desks for students, public address systems and projectors amongst others, failing which members would withdraw all academic services by September 18, 2017, but management call their bluff and refused to fixed these facilities for years.

At a press briefing in Accra on Tuesday, October 10, 2017, the Chairman explained that the lecture halls are in very appalling conditions, and also the student numbers in the ATU now far outnumber furniture provision in the lecture halls.

Dr. Adjei Ntiamoah further hinted that the lecturers have no seats in the lecture halls to even place their laptops, and students have to carry desks from one lecture hall to another due to inadequate desks in the University. In addition, he said, lecturers have to shout on top of their voice to reach very large class audiences, due to few public address systems in lecture halls.

By this, he said it impedes serious effective teaching and learning in the Accra Technical University (ATU), and it appears the management is insensitive about the situation.

Chairman of the Local Executives of ATU, Dr. Jones Adjei Ntiamoah, said they are temporarily holding on with lectures, until the management strengthened their stand not to fixed the aforementioned facilities; then the real strike action will follow.

Some of the students who spoke with this paper, said amongst other things that even their washrooms in the University look like that of public ones that have no one to maintain them.

Source: Delali A. Awuyeh


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