Adwoa Safo: Ghana’s Farting Bimbo!

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Even though it is not in my DNA to stand certain forms of nauseating arrogance; my temperature hits the roof when I come into contact with gross arrogance laced with an overdose of unpolished ignorance doused in flatulence.

Honestly, I am finding it extremely difficult to tolerate the bitchiness of some little bitch strutting along the political stratosphere, and thinking that she is the best thing that has happened to politics.

Especially after the stolen victory of the NPP in the 2016 General Elections, bitchy Adjoa Sarfo has allowed her bitchiness to orbit in very stinking and puking realms.

For some strange reasons, bitchy Adjoa Sarfo has arrogated to herself some foul-smelling air of importance and has climbed over Ursula Owusu in the perking order of the NPP’s female elephants who do more harm than good to the image of women in Ghana’s politics.

Is it not a shame that in the midst of more seasoned and reasonable persons who are on the side of the NPP in Parliament, Akufo-Addo can push for a BIMBO like Adjoa Sarfo to become the Deputy Majority Leader?

Is it not a shame that, the likes of, Dan Botwe can be side-lined, for a dunderhead like Adjoa Sarfo to be sitting on the Front Bench of the NPP in Parliament? Damn!!!!

When Dan Botwe was digging his feet-in in the heady days of the NPP in Opposition between 1992-2000, and working his ass off struggling to find legs for the NPP to stand on, where was Adjoa Sarfo?

Indeed, how old was Adjoa Sarfo, when Dan Botwe was working his ass off as General Secretary of the NPP?

So, is it because Adjoa Sarfo can dangle a certain part of her anatomy in the face of Akufo-Addo that is why she has been made Deputy Majority Leader ahead of more qualified persons?

It is an open fact that I am an ardent critic of the, LOOTING, STEALING, and DIVISIVE style of the NPP’s politics, but there are a few persons I have a lot of respect for in that Party; and Dan Botwe is one of them.

When I heard it on the airwaves last week that, some NPP MP’s are seriously agitating for the immediate REMOVAL of bitchy Adjoa Sarfo as the Deputy Majority Leader, I was not shocked at all.

Why should a complete BIMBO like Adjoa Sarfo be the Deputy Majority Leader of the Parliament of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana? Ah! Ah! Ah!

In the period that Adjoa Sarfo has been operating as a Legislator, I cannot recall her making any sensible or profound statement on the Floor of Parliament.

Yes; I cannot remember the airwaves being captivated by any heavy positive statements that may have fallen off the lips of bitchy Adjoa Sarfo.

Of course, since the NPP stole the victory in 2016, I can remember bitchy Adjoa Sarfo for all the negative reasons!

How can I forget the bitchy manner in which she conducted herself during the vetting of the 110 marauding, FAMILY, FRIENDS, CRONIES, CONCUBINES, who have formed the most USELESS and NON-PERFORMING Government this country has ever had.

It is pretty obvious that the BIMBO that she is; Adjoa Sarfo plasters her face with tons of layers of make-up to keep up a certain appearance, but has only sawdust in her head.

What the hell was going on in the sawdust-infested skull of Adjoa Sarfo when she opened her mouth and FARTED and fouled the airwaves with that silly LIE about she having gotten the WORLD BANK to build a school for her in the Dome-Kwabenya Constituency?

Did I hear Adjoa Sarfo say that the WORLD BANK built the school for her because she once WORKED with the WORLD BANK? Yehowa!!!

My people, what WORK did Adjoa Sarfo do with/for the WORLD BANK?

What was the nature of the WORK that Adjoa Sarfo did for the WORLD BANK?

When did Adjoa Sarfo complete her tertiary education and within which years did she supposedly work for/with the WORLD BANK? Apuuutorrrr!!!!

Since when did the WORLD BANK start dealing with individuals?

Maybe Dome-Kwabenya has become an Independent Country within Ghana and Adjoa Sarfo is the President that is why the WORDL BANK is dealing with her. “Bloody nonsense!!!!!”

The BIMBO that she is, with only saw-dust in her head; bitchy Adjoa Sarfo should not think that the rest of us also have sawdust in our heads oooo!!!!

If the NPP is made up of dead-brains, Adjoa Sarfo should not wet her pants thinking that the rest of us are also dead-brains with no capacity to see through the moronic falsehood that the NPP is using as its main governance weapon.

The truth of the matter is that, the NPP run a campaign of LIES and also flew on the WINGS OF LIES to steal the verdict of the People, and so they are still believing that they can continue to survive on their LIES and get away with it.

In other words, the likes of Adjoa Sarfo are deluding themselves believing that Ghanaians are not SOPHISTICATED in the head, and so we are not discerning enough to separate the TRUTH from LIES.

Obviously, Adjoa Sarfo was so sure that she was addressing only her empty-headed NPP supporters and so peddled such gargantuan LIES.

Thank God that at least one person amongst the empty-headed NPP supporters had the presence of mind to record the stinking FARTING LIES of Adjoa Sarfo and splash it for it to go viral on social media as well as mainstream media.

I love the swiftness with which the NDC’s immediate-past Municipal Chief Executive Office for the Ga East Assembly, Mr. Quao Sackey, hit the airwaves and exposed the roguish lies of Adjoa Sarfo.

For a fact, I love the way the immediate-past Education Minister, Professor Naana Agyemang, her two Deputies, Honourable Okujeto Ablakwa and Alex Cheremeh, moved swiftly to do further damage to the already-destroyed image of Adjoa Sarfo.

As for the NDC in Dome-Kwabenya, led by the likes of Zita Okaikoi and Gabby Essumin, they are still enjoying seeing Adjoa Sarfo in the gutters every morning and pouring more urine on her face. “Naniama!!!

I am most grateful to the Ghana Atomic Energy Commission (GAEC), for also not shying away from the truth and stating emphatically that at no time did the Commission deal with Adjoa Sarfo for the RELEASE of any parcel of land for the construction of the school complex.

Still swimming in her smelly sea of suffocating fart-filled mindset, I hear Adjoa Sarfo is arrogantly saying she will not apologise after having been exposed as bloody liar.

Well, if she is refusing to apologise and purge herself; and still prefers to be walking around FARTING and building heavy gatherings of flies around her STINKING backside, that is her own cup of tea.

If the bitchy BIMBO wants people to be holding their noses and avoiding her because of the disgusting stench around her, that is her own horse to saddle.

Honestly, in as much as I cannot stand all the NONSENSE that is pouring out from the colony of the elephants, I am very HAPPY that they are fast-insulting the intelligence of Ghanaians, and working their way into opposition in a rollercoaster fashion.

There is no denying the fact that if elections were held today, the NPP will LOSE MASSIVELY!!!!

I rest my case for this week and pray we can meet same time next week under the shade-giving Umbrella.

Hastaluego Amigos.


Koku Anyidoho
Deputy General Secretary (NDC)
Founder/CEO Atta Mills Institute (AMI)


Is it not very sad the manner in which armed gangs are brazenly gunning down our policemen in broad daylight?

Since the 7th of January, 2017, when Akufo-Addo unfortunately took over as President of Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana, no day passes by without the nation waking up to a plethora of gory deaths and horrifying stories.

The criminal gangs have no respect for the police because Akufo-Addo allowed his Invisible Forces to beat up a serving Assistant Superintendent of Police, at the Flagstaff House.

Two days after Akufo-Addo took over as President, ASP Nanka Bruce was brutally manhandled by Akufo-Addo’s Invisible Forces at the Seat of Government.

Who can forget what happened to the Ashanti Regional Security Coordinator?

The criminals who beat up the Security Coordinator, have been allowed to walk free by Gloria Akufo’s Attorney Generals Department.

So, if Akufo-Addo is allowing his Invisible Forces and Delta Forces to beat up security officers and go scot-free, why would other hardened criminal gangs not be emboldened to shoot and kill innocent policemen in broad daylight?

In fact, a bird just whispered into my ears that most of the armed robbery that is taking place, is being done by members of the Invisible and Delta Forces because the promises made to them are not being fulfilled and so they have resorted to robbery to satisfy their desires.

Indeed, considering the brazen bravado with which the criminal gangs are shooting and killing our police officers, I am tempted to believe that the crimes are being committed by people who are close to the NPP and so have no fear and respect for the Ghana Police.

Akufo-Addo has become a CURSE hanging around the neck of Mother Ghana, and we really need to pray to the Good Lord to deliver us from the hands of Akufo-Addo and his EVIL FORCES!


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