Africa Climate Week: Luis Alfonso calls for all-out mobilization to achieve Climate Action 

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The United Nations Special Envoy on Climate Action, Luis Alfonso together with Ghana’s Minister for Environment, Science, Technology and Innovation, Prof. Kwabena Frimpong Boateng, and other dignitaries met with participants to outline various measures to be undertaken to address the fight against climate change.

They presented a summary on deliberations and discussions pertaining to climate actions and the way forward towards the impending UN summit on climate action in September this year.

Participants from various sections and countries made significant contributions on how to address the climate change in Africa with seriousness with the support of the International community through financing and other means.

The UN Special Envoy, Luis Alfonso made a significant appeal to African countries to move beyond negotiations and address the action plans with all the attention needed to achieve the climate actions by the year 2050 as inscribed in the SDGs.

He advised African leaders to involve the action plan in all engagements in the political, social and economic affairs of their countries enable for active implementation of the NDCs which would inure to the benefits of the population.

The Africa youth development group in the fight against climate change called on the government in the various countries to actively involve the youth during the consultation and negotiations process.

Desmond Alugnoa, the leader of the group made the appeal at the climax session and called on the various governments to build an initiative that would stir up the affairs of the youth in Africa.

“We are calling on the respective governments to stir up the affairs in reaching the targets for the youth development,” he stated.

He said respective governments must increase the energy demand and be proactive in the continent to quickly transition into renewable energy to allow decarburization and decentralization of the energy system.

“We drive through action in diverse ways but intermittently, through entrepreneurship and action at the community level and to increase action plans for the youth,” he added.

Prof Frimpong Boateng highlighted Ghana’s willingness and seriousness to actively support in the fight against climate change globally.

He called on the International community to aid Africa though investment and other aids to be able to engage and address all the important sectors within the stipulated period of the NDCs.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey


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