Airlines warned against refueling in Ghana

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“Operators of international airlines  have been advised to halt refueling of their aeroplanes in Ghana. This is in reaction to recent developments in Ghana about the sale of contaminated fuel by the country’s Petroleum Authority and its agencies.

Unregulated emissions from planes flying above 3,000 feet is responsible for most deaths according to latest findings by some aeronautics. People are harmed on by the emissions from planes while taking off and landing hence the need to prevent the use of contaminated aviation fuel.

Ghana is the second country with the lowest price of aviation fuel in the West Africa Sub Region. But Airlines have been advised to halt refueling of their aeroplanes in Ghana until the authorities do something about the mess going on at its refinery.

According to our source, some government officials in collaboration with their agents at the refinery are involved in this operation and “it has become a major political issue in the country”

Source: Daily Nation (Kenya)

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