Akufo-Addo abuses School Children’s Rights to welcome Prince Charles

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Ghanaians are utterly shocked as free Senior High School (SHS) students line up to welcome Prince Charles and his wife, Camilla. The students were lined up in the scorching sun to wave flags at the President’s visitors.

The students abandoned classes and were lined up along the principal streets of Accra in the scorching sun. They were waving Ghana flag and the British flag.

Prince Charles and his wife Camila, are on a four-day visit to Ghana. The visit is part of their week-long tour of the sub-region to re-affirm Britain’s ties with Commonwealth countries.

Ghanaians have expressed shock at the decision describing it as primitive and derogatory asking if British children will lose school lessons to welcome the Ghanaian President if he visits Britain.

Parents have expressed shock and demanding full apology from the President and his government for lining their wards in the scorching sun without water.

Some human rights activists have condemned the action describing it as primitive, abrasive and inhuman.

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