The Akufo-Addo government would fulfill its promises – First Lady

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On Wednesday, 6th September, 2017, the First Lady of the Republic of Ghana, Mrs. Rebecca Akufo-Addo received the leaders of Abbam and Adetem as they came to pay a courtesy call on the her.

This visit to the First Lady, was a consequence of the completion of the renovation of the Abam Clinic which was initiated and sponsored by the First Lady. They used the the visitation as an opportunity to thank the First Lady for her magnanimity towards them and her positive works of development toward the success of Ghana which can be buttress by the overwhelming projects she has executed in the country.

They took the meeting as an opportunity to request for healthcare assistance,and the establishment or acquisition of a nursing quarters. Also, they argued that, the road that links the Abam township to other villages is in a dilapidated state, and that, due to the fact that, the Abam township is a cocoa growing area, they humbly plead that, the First Lady helps them in respect of refurbishment of the road.

They finally asked for God’s blessing for the First lady and the President of the Republic of Ghana, they also prayed that the people of Ghana endorses the incumbent government for a second term.

On the part of the DCE, Eugene Sackey, he was grateful for the help granted the people of Abbam, because, with her help, Abbam Clinic  is the second best health care center in Adeiso District. He finally requested for an Ambulance and a library center for the Adeiso District.

The First Lady stated the fact that she was so happy for the visitation and the kind words from them and added that,
the Akufo-Addo government would surely deliver as promised.

Before, the climax of the meeting the First Lady promised to renovate the mud house classroom block  at Adetem and finally emphasized on the fact that, the free SHS policy is for all Ghanaians and that, there is the need for Ghanaians to embrace it.

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