Akufo-Addo to investigate why an Indian national was deported from Ghana

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The President has been petitioned to, as a matter of urgency institute appropriate measures and cause investigations into why an Indian national, Ashok Kumar Sivaram of Jai Mai Communications Limited, was deported from the Republic of Ghana.

The Indian businessman was arrested and deported in June 2017 for alleged fraud and other offenses.

Insisting that his deportation was illegal, unfair and an abuse of office by the officers in charge of the deportation, Ashok Kumar Sivaram sued the Interior Minister, Ambrose Derry and the Director of Immigration, Kwame Takyi, who are said to have approved the deportation of Mr. Sivaram on grounds that he obtained a fake marriage certificate to enable his stay in the country, which he said are unsubstantiated claims.

By the action, the embattled Indian national is demanding his return to the country.

As a result, an Accra High Court quashed the decision by the Interior Minister, Ambrose Derry, who deported Ashok Kumar Sivaram out from Ghana.

According to a court by presided over by Justice Kwaku Ackah Boafo, the Interior Minister exceeded his jurisdiction by determining fraud against the plaintiff, without recourse to the court.

The court further indicated that the Interior Minister breached the rule of natural justice by not giving the plaintiff a hearing after he had accused him of allegedly committing fraud.

Mr. Ashok Kumar Sivaram has since August 15, 2017 petitioned the President, Nana Akufo-Addo, against what he called: “The constant harassment and abuse of power by Interior Minister Ambrose Dery, Kwame Takyi Director /Comptroller of Immigration and Laud Affrifa, Deputy Comptroller General/Operations of the Ghana Immigration Service”.

In a 15-page petition, Mr. Sivaram indicated to the President that he (an Indian) had lived in Ghana since 2000 without blemish and carried out his lawful business activities, including paying corporate taxes and other statutory payments to the Republic.

It is against this background that Nana Nanabanyin Ninsin-Imbeah II, a former Ashanti Regional Surveyor of the Ghana Highway Authority (GHA), who supervised, co-ordinated  and directed the laying of Optical Fibre cables for MTN and the other Telecos in the Ashanti Region, has called  for a presidential intervention by instituting the most appropriate measures and investigate the matter of  Ashok Kumar Sivaram of Jai Mai Communications Limited, who is being deported from the Republic of Ghana to safeguard the  relations between the governments and people of Ghana and India.

Nana Ninsin-Imbeah II, who worked closely with Ashok Kumar Sivaram, has expressed surprise at the development and the harassment of the businessman, said he would “without any restraint” vouch for Mr. Ashok Kumar Sivaram as a gentleman, hardworking, disciplined and respectful person who in the face of extreme provocation will always restrain himself.

He called on the Interior Minister and the named GIS officials “to be fair, reasonable, impartial and very cautious”, in the exercise of administrative and Executive powers of the state.

The ex-Fantse chief described as unfair and suspicious the treatment meted out to Ashok Kumar Sivaram, 50% share holder of the Jai Mai Communications Limited, which has engaged 160 workers with Vodafone Ghana, NITA, Google and MTN Ghana.

He hoped the President, a known believer of human rights would take the pains to intervene in the matter in the name of fairness and social justice and stop the Interior Minster and the other collaborators in the track from denigrating the image of Ghana in the eyes of International Community.

Meanwhile, the Ghana Immigration Service has refuted claims by Mr. Sivaram that the GIS was bent on destroying his business.

A statement issued by The GIS said the business man was deported on the orders of the Interior Minister on the basis of a forged marriage certificate to support his application for citizenship.

The GIS also claimed neither Minister Dery nor the GIS had any interest in the business of Mr. Sivaram and his business partner.

Source: Sebastian R. Freiku || The Chronicle, Kumasi

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