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Akufo-Addo should stop wasting Tax Payers’ Money on his Fruitless Eastern Regional Tour

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We have noted with much concern the orchestrated and deliberate attempt by President Akufo-Addo to continue to arrogate projects and achievements of the erstwhile NDC administration in the eastern region as his own achievements without crediting H.E Fmr. Prez. John Mahama.

It is obvious the Nana Akufo-Addo administration, after failing to achieve anything substantial in almost two years of their regime, has resorted to this grand design, which the NDC in the eastern region won’t sit aloof without bringing the facts to bare.

Under the Akim Oda-Akwatia-Winneba water project to be commissioned by the President. Facts First, it is important to point that the Akim oda water project was started by the regime of the NDC under the watch of President John Dramani Mahama in 2015. The said water project estimated at a cost of 165 million US-dollar, was undertaken by ARDA-GRUP which would produce 1.3 million gallons of water daily for the residents of Akim Asene, Akim Oda, Akwatia, Winneba and their surrounding communities. This project was almost 95 per cent complete when we exited office and notably this water project wasn’t the only one completed by President John Dramani Mahama. It was part of his Water for all programme in which Eastern Region was a beneficiary. others include small water project at Akim- Wenchi, kpong Water expansion, Osenase Water project, Nsawam Water project, Suhum Urban Water Project, Kwahu Water project and the Kibi water Project.

Again, the president will commission a wood processing factory in Asuogyaman district and the fact are that it belong to an individual who has been lumbering timber on the Volta lake for a long time. This company, by name, Kete Karachi wood processing factory has been operating and will therefore be dishonest for the president to label it as a 1D1F project.

Among other projects embarked on under the visionary able President John Dramani Mahama in the eastern region entails:

*Cocoa roads and other major roads in the region which were completed and others too work was started on are as detailed:

Suhum, Asamankese, Kyebi and kade, kwafokrom-Apedwa, Nsawam-Apedwa, Adomi bridge, Nsawam-Aburi by pass, Nkawkaw-Atibie and Suhum- Asamankese, Adeiso-Adeiso, Nsawam- Asamankese, Osenase-Akwatia, Apedwa-Kyebi-Bunso and Koforidua- Bunso roads, 47.3 km Noyem-Winso among other roads embarked on by the regime of NDC

*Under health sector in the region we built various District hospitals, Poly Clinics and CHIP compounds across the region.

* Under education Massive investment such as the community day Secondary Schools, 6 unit classroom blocks across various districts, ICT centres, domitories and the Eastern University at Somanya.

Mr President, As we speak now:
No Constituency has received your 1m USD promise and your government owes every Constituency 2m USD making 66m USD for the Region. We urge you to release the money immediately since it can do a lot for the Region.

Mr President, No district has a factory as we move into the third year of your administration.
Mr President, Why have you refused to visit the mining and the Cocoa growing areas in the Region despite this being your third visit in the Region?
Mr. President, Are you aware over 5000 farmers have lost their livelihoods to a foreign Mining Company in Abirem upon a tacit support from your government through your Minister. We will be happy if you pay them a visit.
Mr President, Are you aware that your unneccesary visits and Pension tours have become an avenue for your appointees to waste the little Assembly funds? For example, on your last visit to Upper Manya Krobo, even though you spent just 25minutes, the assembly posted an expenditure of 54,000Ghc. Meanwhile there are no books in many of the primary schools in the district.

In keeping with our avowed assurance to offer very responsible Opposition, and to at all times hold the government’s feet to the fire of accountability, we deem it extremely necessary to highlight on prudent issues which will ensure the well being of the ordinary Ghanaian.

Thank you


Darlas Ampomah Williams
Regional Communication Officer


Michael Akorli


Regional Deputy Communication Officer

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