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“Ambassador” Osei’s Needless Attacks

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Helloooooo!!! “Ambassador” Osei,

It seems the demands of your sycophants, sponsor cartel around you and pressure of your leadership make it nearly impossible for you to establish a consistent and sustainable rhythm of life. Creating an emotionally healthy culture and building a healthy party lifestyle are among the critical and primary task for every true comrade. Only truth can save you from crisis and failure. As things stand, it is clear that you lack credibility. The voice of the comrades does not only seek to be heard, it seeks the truth, honesty and fairness.

Where love of truth overcomes the love of power, then rest assured that this great party will register milestones we have been seeking for since its formation.

Every party member has to know that the party is bigger than an individual, and any decision taken by leadership or advice offered the party should be for the benefit of the party and its members.

I listened to your submission on Asempa FM and was highly disappointed. A lot of party members and sympathisers are embarrassed with such low show of morals and ethics and many are now shying away from reading or listening to your irresponsible and unethical rubbish. Your politics is made up of invective, rancor, and scapegoating.

Mr Ambassador, be honest with yourself- how many of the things you have supported wholeheartedly have, in the long run, turned out to be, at best, a feel good effort? Lately, it has become fashionable to criticize Former President Mahama and everything he stood for, no matter what the validity or consequences of that criticism on the NDC and its electoral fortunes.

Scholarly (though sometimes specious) analyses, historical context, and political sensitivity are valuable tools to understand the world and political environment we live in. It is your right to live in an ivory tower of indignation and utopian ideals but your personal desires and wishes should not undermine the realisation of the comrades upliftment the party’s operations.

It is obvious from your serial vituperations against former president Mahama who appointed you an Ambassador that you have wilfully chosen to close your eyes to all the achievements recorded under John Mahama. For reasons best known to yourself, you have set your mind on crashing the Mahama comeback agenda by fair or foul means.

Otherwise, it would be completely senseless, irrational and out of place for Ambassador Osei, who still walk around chest up because of his ex ambassador status made possible courtesy Mahama, to openly insult and condemned the former president based on baseless and self manufactured stories. I am still struggling to get the head and tail of your accusations. Did I hear you accuse the former president of failing to act on certain suggestions (concerning the party) you forwarded to him? Doesn’t that expose your ignorance when it comes to party’s internal arrangements and structures. What stopped you from forwarding your proposals to those in charge of the party’s policy formulation and implementation.

Mr Osei, hope you know the disadvantages incumbents face. Quick self test- list as many scandals can you think of from the last election cycle that involve politicians in the Npp, then list as many as you can think about from your own party. Now sit down, pour yourself a drink of something cool, and think about the achievements recorded under Mahama vis-a-vis what we witnessing today, reflect on the various allegations they levelled against the last administration which incited Ghanaians against the administration. Reflect on what you believe, why you disbelieve, and whether you wish to create solution or to assign blame. We all have the choice: live to do what is right, or live to not be seen to do wrong. Freedom is not license to do what you will , it is freedom to be responsible in your own self for what you choose to do. You choice of words is very very bad.

You mischievously ignored all the other reasons why Ghanaians voted the NDC out and centered your analyses on few baseless reasons. We heard the lies the Npp told Ghanaians. Many of these baseless lies and accusations were strewn with such anger and fervent belief that the innocent public believed them. Hope you heard what the Finance Minister Ken Ofori Atta said in connection with the Free SHS policy, what most civil society organizations and technocrats are saying about the restoration of the allowance scheme. You must remind yourself that in the game of chess, even the queen will be sacrificed if it serves the purpose. The public believed the lies told them by the NPP. Hope you saw the nurses when they stormed the Health Ministry, the commercial drivers when they demonstrated in the capital cities. These are the critical issues we must act on as a party. Ghanaians are craving for the return of the NDC not because of the long-empty thesis of Ambassador Osei neither is it because of your anti Mahama sermons..they are craving for the NDC’s return because of the achievements the party recorded under Mahama.

I don’t see any competition anyway. Ghanaians are aggressively yearning for Mahama’s come back and it will be selfish on the part of the NDC to deny them that opportunity because of few comrades parochial interest. We have to look beyond the NDC and look at cooperate Ghana and the common cry of the masses. You lost an election in your constituency does that make you empty?

Before I proceed, let’s look at these important points

1. Ambassador Osei was appointed to that position by John Mahama.

Mahama was brutally attacked for appointing you to the position but he stood his grounds and maintained you at the place

You had unlimited access to the President and visited him at will and with ease

You rejected your first appointment (DCE) because to you…it meant demeaning your status.

The Akans have a proverb “obi y3 wo papa a, na w’aha wo” that never pricked your conscience. You have soon forgotten all these opportunities and appointments- jumping from one radio station to another insulting the man whose magnanimity gave you that life-long title (Ambassador).

Mr Osei, be assured that every attack on the former president will receive the response it deserves. We will not sound aggressive and disrespectful as you sound, but will use such opportunities to tell the good and heart warming stories about John Mahama and the NDC and also, share with the public his outlined policies.

Delegates owe our party the responsibility of voting according to their conscience to promote the interest of our party, and the way to do this is to vote for the best candidate. The best candidate for the interest of our party and the suffering masses is John Dramani Mahama. His personal and government’s achievements and his commitment to the party’s growth makes him a very big asset and automatic choice for the Presidential candidate slot. He is in the best position to give the party all the support it may need come 2020. We don’t need candidates whose survival would depend on the NPP. We need a political mobiliser who has the wherewithal when it comes to human and monetary mobilisation for the agenda ahead.

Mr Osei, Mahama will not descend into the gutters if that is your wish and desire. He still remains the highly principled person. Because of his modesty, he is not loud or noisy person. He has had a variety of political experience in many fields. On top of all these, he has personal integrity and does not have any black spots that can be an embarrassment to our party.

The beautiful thing about Mahama is that he has all these wonderful qualities yet he is not boastful. He is not boasting to be the messiah of the NDC as some people whom integrity would refuse to be named after them are doing. On the contrary, John Mahama promises to lead the revitalization of the NDC with the cooperation of other likeminded members.


Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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