Angry Chiefs to picket at the Flagstaff House over

…Encroachment on Gbee-Owomlin family Lands

…Gov’t Given 6 Month ultimatum to intervene

The Gbee-Owomlin family of Teshie and Apenkwa in the Greater Accra region are fuming over the encroachment and illegal appropriation of their land which is in the size of about 1, 640.06 acres at Adenta Housing and Animal institute. The said encroachment is said to have been committed by the government and some private estate developers including past and present Members of Parliament (MPs) and some Ministers.

The family alleged that the development has deprived them of a comfortable place of accommodation and for farming even as they have expressed their desire to go into peasant farming.  Nii Adjetey Obuor Buor II, the Apenkwa Mantse and Head of the Gbee-Owomlin family has therefore given the President Akufo-Addo led government a six month ultimatum to sharply intervene in the situation else he will lead his elders and retinue to picket at the seat of government.

The New Independent has gathered that the Centre for Scientific and Industrial Research’s animal research institute currently occupies about 840 acres of the said land while State Housing Company (SHC) is also alleged to have illegally appropriated about 380 acres to themselves. Lakeside Estate, a private estate developer has also allocated to itself some 600 acres of the said land.

Nii Adjetey Obuor Buor II told The New Independent in an interview that the Animal research institute which occupies 840 acres is only using 100 acres, and that he and his people want government to release the remaining 740 acres back to them for developmental purposes.

He was however tight lipped on the names of the MPs and Ministers of state whom he alleged to have encroached on the land, explaining that “the day of reckoning will come”.

He said “government’s continual selling of lands acquired from the Teshie Gbee-Owomlin family to private interests particularly non-indigenes, political cronies and non-public holding officers without properly informing and consulting the true land owners – the Teshie Gbee-Owomlin family, is not only confrontational and insensitive but does not bring peace to the area to enable development.

The Apenkwa Mantse said the never-ending land dispute in the area has also exacerbated tension and legitimate anxieties that have arisen out of the mishandling of the Teshie Gbee-Owomlin family lands acquired by the Ghana Government and revoked by Executive Instrument 19 on July 30, 1991.

“The family is doing everything possible to prevent any judgment debt but this might happen in the worst case scenario,” he stated.

He appealed to the government to compensate the family with the 750 acres out of 850 acres land which was acquired by the government with plans to build an Animal Research Institute years ago around Adenta. He explained that successive governments, have all refused to pay the Gbee-Owomlin family the right royalties, saying “it is our utmost desire that compensation be paid for the land used.”

Nii Adjetey Obuor Buor II said the family is not happy that the unused buildings that were constructed by the ex-President Rawlings regime on the 165 acres of land in the 90s to house security officers at Adenta Housing Down are now being occupied by armed robbers and prostitutes. He called on the government to release part of the property to them as a form of compensation.

He also urged the government to review the Lands Administration Act, 1962 (Act 123) and the State Lands Act 1962 (Act125) to ensure judicious use and fairness of its provisions in matters of land acquisition and payment of compensations due.

The Head of Gbee-Owomlin family is praying on Government to order the payment of a total assessed compensation of GHc 52,800,000.00 in respect of the outstanding acreage which has been used by the Ministry of Housing.

Source: Adovor Nutifafa || The New Independent

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