Another infantile write-up about Lordina Mahama

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Scanning through social media, I came across yet another unintelligent piece written about Former President Mahama and his wife, Lordina Mahama by one Razak Kojo Poku. Obviously, this is a fake name by the writer of this piece. It is the umpteenth time such an ugly story has been written by faceless persons about the relationship between the former President and his wife.

Often, the stories are false claims that Lordina Mahama is quitting her marriage, has packed bag and baggage and left or is divorcing her husband for one reason or the other. It seems that whoever is behind these stories will give anything to see the marriage of the former first couple collapse.

Unfortunately for them, however, there is no indication their evil wish will come true. Just last year, the couple celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary with hundreds of their friends at the Kempinski Hotel. And the two renewed their marriage vows which was greeted with wild applause from those gathered. From the comments of the former President and the former First Lady at the programme, it is obvious only death can part them. Those who wish the collapse of their marriage and therefore write such false stories about them really have an eternity to wait.

Having failed to convince Ghanaians over the years that the marriage of John and Lordina Mahama is on the brink of collapse, the evil wishers have now churned out a new story under the headline “Lordina Break Up With John Mahama?” The story claims that “lordina Mahama has politically break up with John Mahama over his decision to contest the 2020 general elections.” (the poor English of the writer is indicative of his or her low IQ level).

The “politically break” is now their new lexicon to try and convince Ghanaians that the two are at logger heads over their political future. This is laughable. While disagreements are normal among couples as they are in every sphere of life, anyone who knows the Former First Couple know Lordina Mahama adores her husband so much and is so supportive of his aspirations that if he decides to contest or not to contest, she would support him to the hilt, whichever choice he makes.

The claim that when John Mahama was President, Lordina was the real Vice-President can only be a figment of the fertile imagination of the writer. Lordina Mahama, as First Lady never on even one occasion made a political statement on any platform or during any occasion. It is not on record that she never once stepped at the Flagstaff House nor did she lead any government delegation anywhere, internal or external.

She consigned her activities to her humanitarian assistance to orphans, the disabled and the needy. She also used her Foundation to source for medical equipment from donors and in turn donated them to district hospitals to save lives. That she got mentioned in the 2013 US State Department Report on Human Rights attests to the recognition of her work by the international community. She is the only First Lady in Ghana’s history to have been given such recognition for her humanitarian work. Politics is not Lordina Mahama’s forte so only a jaundiced mind would suggest she acted as Vice-President in her husband’s government.

The claim she did not take part in any of the NDC unity walks is proof she disagrees with her husband’s political plans exposes the lies by those behind the article. Lordina Mahama did not take part in the many walks her husband led when he was President. Did it mean she disagreed with her husband politically? How then does it mean she disagrees with her husband’s political future because she did not take part in the NDC unity walks? Does it mean the spouses of NDC stalwarts who took part in these walks do not agree with them politically because they (the spouses) did not take part in them? Is it therefore infantile to write that because Lordina Mahama did not take part in these walks, she has broken up politically with her husband?

Why all these fixations on Lordina Mahama? Is her presence in her husband’s life preventing some people from achieving their goals at her husband’s expense? Does her presence make her husband a threat to some people or group of people? Whoever wrote this latest fake story about her politically breaking up with her husband has only wasted his or her time. If it is their wish, it certainly would not happen. It will be more beneficial for the person(s) to focus on the numerous scandals that is suffocating the kleptocratic NPP government of Mr Akufo-Addo.

Finally, John Mahama cannot by the stretch of any imagination be said to be desperate to become President. Those who are desperate to be President are those who are ready to shed human blood for this purpose and we all know who these people are.

By Robert Atiappah

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