APFOG demands adequate seeds security to boost productivity

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The Apex Farmers Organization of Ghana (APFOG), an advocacy organization, has called on government to establish adequate security chain system to ensure that farmers purchase quality and certified seeds that would boost productivity in the agriculture sector.

They urged the Ministry of Food and Agriculture to enforce the laws that would ensure that farmers adopt and stick to the habits of maintaining the principles of planting certified seeds.

In a stakeholder’s engagement meeting to advocate the establishment of national seed security stock for farmers, the Member of Parliament (MP) for the Twifo Atti Morkwa and an advocate, Abraham Dwumo Odoom, said, farmers need to cultivate the habit of purchasing quality and certified seeds to guarantee bountiful harvest in the agriculture sector.

He assured that laws exist in the country’s status to protect farmers against seeds insecurity and that there are adequate measures to ensure its enforcement to enable farmers gain the right seeds for planting to increase productivity in agriculture.

The MP disclosed that Africa has about 65 percent of virgin lands, yet we import about $35 billion worth of food, which he described as unacceptable. He called on the leaders to remain committed in the modernization of agriculture sector and provide adequate resources and incentives to attract the youth as a form of green evolution in Africa.

“Africa would change the tide through this evolution and stop the importation of the $35 billion worth of food and rather export more,” he indicated.

The Deputy Director of Crop Services at the Ministry of Food and Agriculture, Dr. Solomon Gyan Ansah, said, the ministry is embarking on awareness programmes to sensitize farmers in agriculture through one of the  government’s flagship programmes, “planting for food and jobs” to help them increase productivity.

He said the government has established five pillars within the “planting for food and jobs” to support all farmers in providing them seeds on some specific crops ,which includes, soya bean, maize, rice sorghum and vegetables and as well provide quality fertilizers to the farmers.

He again noted, through the buffer stock company under the flagship programme, the excess production stocks would be stored in a warehouse which would enable farmers bargain for better prices at a later period for their produce and also enable government register all farmers as well provide quality extension officers for supervision purposes.

“This will make it possible for government to register all farmers under the ‘planting for food and jobs’ to get adequate data of all farmers to make informed decisions in agriculture and also boost the number of agriculture extension services staffs to help farmers increase their productivity.” he added.

Source: Nii Aflah Sackey


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