Apraku, Kum Chacha, Apae Live, Computer Man, trade blows in the House of God

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…amidst Counter Accusation of Lies

In what could best be described as one of the most unbelievable and unfortunate incidents in the country in recent times, an assembly of some ‘Men-of-God’ who are also known close pals, have turned the House of God into an arena of boxing. They have been caught trading accusations, counter-accusations and purported lies at each other amidst exchange of blows and slaps, among others!

The contenders in this caboodle are, the ever popular Osofo Apraku “My Daughter”, Osofo Computer Man, Osofo Jesus One Touch, Osofo Apae Live and vintage Osofo Kum Chacha. These are all popular “Men-of-God” who operate their trades in Accra and have significant following.

In the ensuing confusion and melee between them, it has been alleged that Osofo Computer Man gave Osofo Apraku about Seven (7) deafening and dazzling slaps, after the latter publicly accused the former of practicing occultism. He was admonishing him to desist from those acts since they do not dignify the name of the Lord.

Osofo Apraku My Daughter

This revelation came to light on Neat FM last Friday, during the evening drive progranne of the station hosted by one Papa Kwasi Mispa. The Abeka junction based Neat FM is of the stables of Despite Group. According to the programme which was actively monitored by this reporter, the pals had gathered ‘somewhere’, to thrash out some pending issues among them.

Narrating the incident to the host on air, Osofo Apae Live said some of them arrived at the said location ahead of the scheduled time and so Osofo Kum Chacha called Osofo Apraku to come over quickly because he it was getting late.

According to him, when Apraku reached the venue, a misunderstanding suddenly ensued between him and Osofo Computer man. This raised tempers and they started heaping insults at each other. Osofo Apae Live indicated that since he wanted to avert a possible clash between the two close pals, he stood in between them.

As the confusion deepened, then suddenly, whaam!!! Computer Man gave Apraku an unexpected hefty slap in the face, to this, it was alleged that Apraku also replied with “herh! Am I the one you have slapped? If you are a man slap me again”. There and then, Computer Man followed it up again with another hefty one on the other cheek, and then another, and another, summing up all to about Seven (7) continues slaps.

Initially, when the host tried to solicit from Computer Man if he really slapped his senior brother Apraku my Daughter, he refused to give a direct answer stating repeatedly that “Don’t go there”, “Don’t let us go there”.

Then Paa Kwesi solicited from Osofo Kum Chacha the veracity of the slap allegation. Kum Chacha then said “No comment”.

Apae Live

It was in his bid to cover up the issue that Computer Man accused Apraku of “falling down” and taking to drunkenness during the incident. That Apraku had promised some people lotto numbers, which failed to ‘drop’, as a result of which the victims beat Apraku mercilessly, and he (Computer man) had to go to Apraku’s rescue.

He indicated further that Apraku’s situation was so bad that he (Computer man) had to take special care of him. When the host probed further on this, Computer man retorted, “If I should slap Apraku (the drunk) where would he stand? Or better still, if he claims I slapped him, he can go to the police station and report!”

He indicated that besides having accused he Computer Man, Apraku had told him that he had been to the church-houses of Apae Live, One Touch and Kum Chacha and collected sand from there for rituals, hence the stale growth of their churches now.

He also admitted that he and Apae Live had personal scores to settle, hence his (Apae Live’s) testimony to the radio host.

It was with difficulty that the host was able to persuade Osofo Computer Man to reluctantly apologize to his senior brother, Apraku.

Meanwhile, all efforts to hear from Osofo Jesus One Touch and Osofo Apraku my Daughter proved futile as they were not reachable by phone.

At the end of the programme, Paa Kwesi expressed reservations about Osofo Kum Chacha, who he called his broher-in-law, for awfully failing to speak the truth in the matter. He contended that it was Kum Chacha who called Apraku to the scene and that if he had been beaten to death, Kum Chacha could not have escaped blame.

Paa Kwesi subsequently described the behavior of Cum Chacha as most unfortunate.

Source: S.O. Ankamah


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