Aqua Safari Resort adjudged Best 3-star Hotel for 2017

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Aqua Safari Resort, a hospitality facility based in Ada, has been adjudged the best 3-star hotel for the year 2017 at the recently organised Ghana Tourism Awards.

Aqua Safari, which has been in existence for the past five years, has made tremendous strides in the Ghanaian hospitality industry.
Aqua Safari is a story about the quest to provide patrons with the ultimate resort experience in Ghana and the sub-region. This has led to the transformation of breathtaking beachfront land into a potpourri of thrilling sensations.
The resort offers scenic views and unforgettable experiences that patrons really would not find anywhere else.
In an interview with the GNA, the Chief Executive Officer of Aqua Safari Resort, Samuel Afari Dartey, stated that, “This award is a token to all stakeholders we work with, our hardworking employees and our loyal customers for all the efforts they put in and all the motivation and trust that they showed towards us. Without them things would not have turned out so well and best that the jury after this intense scrutiny would not have picked us for the award.”
According to Mr Dartey, the award is a token of their past efforts and a push factor for their future endeavours, adding that, “We will continue to create unique experiences for our loyal customers while complementing the heritage of Ghana”.
Since the past five years, Aqua Safari has not only worked upon enhancing the products and services it offers, but the management and HR have also worked upon making the work culture better for its internal employees as well.
“Aqua Safari gives you the thrill of an escape and the proximity of an excellent resort at the same time”.


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