Arab spring revolution is bound to happen in West Africa in 5-10 years time – Duncan-Williams

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The Presiding Archbishop and General Overseer of the Action Chapel International, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams, has said based on the prevailing despondency of the youth of West Africa, the Arab spring revolution that hit North Africa and parts of the Middle East is bound to happen in West Africa in 5-10 years time.

In a sermon he preached to his Church members today, 22nd April 2018, he said: “The Arab uprising is something that is in the pipeline and it’s coming to West Africa.” He began.

“Between the next five and ten years, it is coming to West Africa, write it down. I’m talking as a student of history, prophecy and paradigms” the respected clergyman said.

He proceeded to explain the paradigms shifts that will prompt the major event.
“We have a very serious situation here and we have to look at it long-term. The private sector is not creating wealth because for whatever reason, we are destroying the private sector through this vicious cycle (of malicious prosecution).” He explained.

“If you go to the bank to take a loan, you’ll pay 30 per cent interest, so, it’s difficult to go take a loan to create wealth because of the interest, you can’t pay anything. For whatever reason, the private sector in other countries are helping to develop the country”

He said those were issues government must confront. Touching on the scourge of armed robbery, he said one weekend one armed robbery.

“These are issues we are not addressing, so, I’ve been very worried about this armed robbery situation and the rape of women. It’s really bothering me because it’s happening every weekend and it’s worrisome.

“Apart from our own problems, we have people coming from other nations because Ghana is a peaceful nation. And they come with their baggage and their problems. How are we going to address some of these issues?” He said.


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