The Arrest of an alleged NPP Constituency Organizer, the Facts

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I woke up to the news of the arrest of Mohammed Ponadoo on February 15, 2018. Sadly, I read an article titled “Northern Regional Minister Hon. Salifu Saeed (S.S) Ordered the Arrest of the NPP Constituency Organizer” on by one ‘Salifu Natogmah. I consider that article as one of the inane moves by chieftaincy politicians. I don’t intend to speak for the Defense and Northern Regional Ministers. My intention is to disinter the facts and to speak for the victims of the incident that led to the arrest of Mohammed Ponadoo who is affectionately called Mohammed Kpatihi.

First of all, let me state without mincing words that Mohammed Ponadoo in principle is no longer the constituency organizer of the NPP in the Bimbilla Constituency. The chieftaincy crisis in Bimbilla assumed its summit in 2015 and 2016 when a faction to the chieftaincy impasse was politically favored. Campaigning in the Bimbilla Constituency took a chieftaincy dimension leading to the setting up of two major campaign teams. Mohammed Kpatihi then the Constituency Organizer got other people including the constituency chairman, the youth organizer and the sitting DCE who support one faction in the dispute to form their campaign team. What was their mission? Their mission was to unseat Hon. Nitiwul since an NPP victory meant the collapse of their faction to the chieftaincy stalemate.

It’s a fact that Mohammed Kpatihi and his team members actually denied the NPP’s candidate and running mate, now President and Vice President an opportunity to campaign in the Bimbilla Constituency. They vowed to cause commotion should Nana Addo and Dr. Bawumia visited the constituency to campaign. The NPP lost at all polling stations where Mahommed Kpatihi and his team had control over. The NPP however, won massively without any outside campaign team coming to campaign in the constituency. Will he not be an opportunist like his brethren when he holds himself as the Constituency Organizer after he betrayed the NPP to satisfy his chieftaincy believe? He lacks any credibility to influence even his own household.

Clearly, Mohammed Kpatihi is a suspect in the last shooting incident that led to the death of six very promising young men and left others injured. So, an attempt by a dullard like ‘Salifu Natogmah’ to associate a criminal with the NPP in an attempt to bend the law is a nonstarter. Being a political activist can’t immune you from answering to the laws.

The victims (dead and alive) in the shooting incident submitted a report to the law enforcement agencies regarding what happened on that evening. The likes of Azindow Malik, Sulemana Hadi and others who were alleged to have spied on ‘Ghetto youth’ prior to the shooting are still roaming the streets of Bimbilla. I hope the wheel of justice is really slow but it will soon catch-up with criminals.

I wish to remind ‘Salifu Natogmah’ and all evil-minded people in Nanung that ‘God is inflexibly opposed to evil in any form. The root of the downfall and the misfortune of humanity comes from the deliberate opposition to truth, which is the fundamental reality of God and human beings.’ If you wish to know whose appointment escalated the conflict in Bimbilla, check who arranged for a private security outside the knowledge of DISEC and RESEC to suppress one faction in Bimbilla. This person openly chose chieftaincy interest over his office. You may want to know neglects his fellow men simply on chieftaincy differences. He actually sowed the seed of deep-seated division in the NPP since his appointment and he is the DCE.

Source: Salifu Mufteen

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