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Arrest Ebenezer Addy Now – Late Donita Neequaye Family appeals to Security Agencies

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Lawyers of J.E.A Nequaye, Head of the family of the late Donita Neequaye, are appealing to the police to immediately effect the arrest of one, Ebenezer Addy, for allegedly selling properties belonging to the deceased without the family’s consent.

In a statement issued on his behalf by Prince Frederick Nii-Ashie Neequaye, Barrister at Law and Solicitor, J.E.A. Nequaye the Head of the family claims that, upon the death of Donita Neequaye in Switzerland, Ebenezer Addy, a sewerage dislodger to Donita, told the family he gave her $ 1 million as financial assistance.

“This Ebenezer Addy subsequently went to the High Court to apply for Letters of Administration over and above the interest of the family and although the family caveated, the High Court did not treat the case justly and gave Ebenezer Addy Letters of Administration,” the statement recounted.

The Head of family claims, “Indeed with this Letters of Administration, which the family was sidelined, Ebenezer Addy with the help and tacit consent of “PAA PEE” a grand nephew of Donita, are selling the houses in Tema and sharing the money lavishly with the contrivance of a valuer” (sic).

The family wants Ebenezer Addy arrested because, to them, “Ebenezer Addy is a fraudulent person who with the connivance of PAA PEE are reaping where they have not sown and ought to be behind bars.”

The call for his arrest is premised on the family’s claim that they do not know him. “The family has  no dealings with him, the family in the strict sense of the word does not know him and security apparatus in the country should investigate him for valuing the Donita properties cheap and how he came by the alleged $1 million USD to give to Donita”

Family sources claim that opportunity was given to Ebenezer Addy and any other person the late Donita might be indebted to meet with the family for settlement per their custom, but he never turned up. However, he is said to be going about claiming that he took care of the total cost of her funeral.

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