Arrest John Mahama now!

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It is a fact that power corrupts and absolute power corrupt absolutely.

Power and it’s associated juicy benefits most at times make people forget of those made them gain access to that power.

One of the major cause of our defeat as a party in the 2016 election happens to be the tragic meltdown of most of our financial institutions in the country especially in Brong Ahafo region

The meltdown of DKM, God is love, Care for Humanity, Perfect Edge, Jaster motors, little drops and many others led to lost of lives and collapse of businesses in the country.

When the issue was tabled before President John Mahama he appointed an independent liquidator to sell the assets of the said owners of the fun clubs and pay all those who were victims.

The liquidator did well and started making payments before we lost the 2016 elections.

Prior to the election, Npp made lots of noise about the DKM issue especially the Npp Brong Ahafo MPs took advantage of the pain we were going through together as a region and really made political gains from us.

The Npp and President Nana Addo then candidate Nana Addo in Berekum was clear and emphatic that the fun clubs belong to JM and Lordina and should he become the president he will see to it that within the first three months our monies will be paid with interest.

But NPP changed the rhythm of the song after they won the election in 2016.

Instead of paying the customers of the fun clubs, the finance minister said the wouldn’t pay because it is not in their manifesto.

Shortly afterwards we heard the Brong Ahafo Regional Minister instead of pushing for payments to be made he decided to buy the DKM head office in Sunyani at the cost of 7.5million Ghana cedis to himself as claimed by his  regional youth organizer.

Just last week I was reliably informed Major Derrick Oduro who made lots of noise about the financial meltdown while in opposition has also bought Jasta Radio which belong to the CEO of Jasta motors.

These clearly shows that the Npp never intend to facilitate the payments for the people who they deceived for their votes.

Maxwell Mahama the Special aid to the Brong Ahafo regional minister made it clear that the only club they recognize is DKM but with others they have to fight their own war.

Its very pathetic to hear that those who are suppose to champion the release of the money are now relaxed buying the properties of the accused persons.

Yesterday I read and heard the owners of the DKM and others should be arrested.

So am just reminding the Npp not to change their stand on the ownership of businesses which they claim is John Mahama.

Since it’s courts ruling, they shouldn’t forget their claim that JM and Lordina are the owners of the fun clubs so they much obey the courts ruling and arrest them by tomorrow.

I was happy Techiman when the former president himself said Nana Addo and his entire police force should arrest him if they find out that he has a hand in the DKM saga.

It was their major campaign promise and i urge Nana and his Npp to fulfill their promises to the people of Brong Ahafo and should stop hiding behind JM and Ante Lordina for cover.

They should stop amassing the properties of the accused persons for themselves and pay the fun club customers as soon as possible because that was the reason they were voted into power.

I am a Citizen and not a Spectator

*Efo Worlanyo TSEKPO.*

B/A Regional Youth Organizer *Hopeful*.

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