Ashie Moore scares NDC GA Chair Aspirants

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A Political Activist of long standing, Alhaji Baba Issah, has alleged that all those who picked and submitted nomination forms to contest the Greater Accra Regional Chairmanship position in the National Democratic Congress are trembling at the sound of Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore, a front runner in the race.

In an interview with, Alhaji Issah aka Baba Winger alleged further that the fear of the aspirants is because they know the caliber of Nii Ashie Moore, that when he gets the opportunity to lead the NDC in the region, his vision of transformation will strengthen and ignites the constituencies to work hard for the 2020.

Emmanuel Nii Ashie Moore, former Campaign Coordinator for the incumbent GAR chairman Joseph Ade Cocker, told this Portal that Ade has failed in the errand he (Ade) was engaged. He said the failure of Ade Coker has caused a disgrace to him (Ashie Moore), hence, the decision to go for the chairmanship position himself.

Nii Ashie Moore said he has identified some of the difficulties constituency offices face across the Region, and that he thinks it is better to first start helping to solve their problems ahead of the delegates’ conference.

Instead of starting with promises, he chose to provide certain office equipment to all 34 constituency offices in the region with internet to facilitate their office operations.

For political reasons, he says he will not disclose all his vision, but says he has more of other things to provide in phases throughout his tenure in office as GAR chairman should the delegates give him the nod.

Nii Ashie Moore disputed all allegations against him; he told this Portal that “all the allegations leveled against me could not stand, the Committee knew who I am, what I have done as an MP for Adentan in Parliament, what I could do, and thank God I was on one parliamentary select Committee or another with some of the members on the vetting Committee, so they know my caliber to lead”.

He opined further that the allegations against him by his detractors is out of the phobia that gripped them, so he is not surprised of the moves.

Source: Elikplim K. Awuyeh

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