Atik Mohammed dares PNC to go to Court over his “Suspension”

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The alleged suspended General Secretary of the People’s National Convention (PNC), Atik Mohammed, has watered down claims that he has been relieved off his position in the party as the General Secretary, daring officials to head to court to render his position null and void.

In an interview with XYZ News Mr. Mohammed directed his anger at the party’s Communications Director, Emmanuel Wilson whose latest statement to the media said so.

According to him, Mr Wilson has taken advantage of the disunity in the party and waging a personal war against him, after losing the General Secretary position to him Atik.

A statement signed by the PNC Director of Communication, Emmanuel Wilson, served notice to Atik Mohammed to stop holding himself as an executive of the party or risk being arrested.

“The party leadership will cause the arrest of Atik Mohamed if he continues to impersonate as the General Secretary of PNC, both in private and at public events,” a part of the statement read.

The statement comes a few days after Atik Mohammed represented the party at a meeting with President Akufo-Addo at the Flagstaff House.


However, Atik Mohammed defended his position and vowed to hold himself as a party leader.  He described the development as unfortunate and “funny.” He maintained that  but added the Presidency did not err in inviting him to a programme where he was meeting political leaders.

“I can understand their frustration because all the time they attend saying ‘you are not the General Secretary of the PNC’ and I continue to function as the secretary. they have written all kind of letters to the media houses. My difficulty is that if they think I am not the General Secretary and I’m carrying myself as that, there is a particular forum that you can go and vindicate a claim that will stop me from doing so and that is the court. What is stopping them?

“I will continue to function as the General Secretary. It is my responsibility, it is my duty, it is my obligation to represent the party at any function where I’m called upon or where the presence of the General Secretary is needed,” he told XYZ News’ Kenneth Awotwe Darko in an interview.

He urged the Communication Director to stop parading himself as a General Secretary while he is just a mere appointee.

“I’m sad, what is going on is bad and it amounts to party indiscipline and disrespect. Wilson was not elected, he is an appointee. The party decided that after he contested me and defeated him during our primaries, we need all hands on deck and so find something for him to do as Communications Officer of the party,” he added.


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