Audio: “I want to quit lesbianism but bonded with oath” – 20 year old SHS girl cries out

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A 20-year final year home Economics student at Adjen Kotoku day Senior High School in the Ga West Municipal Assembly in the Greater Accra region has told Brytfmonline’s reporter, Kwaku Ansah that she wants to quit lesbianism but an oat she sworn into joining the ungodly act will not permit her

The girl whose name cannot be mentioned told the reporter in a conversation that, she is worried over the 5 years act which has made her lost attraction to men.

“I want to stop this lesbianism thing but it’s very difficult for me because I don’t have any feelings to any opposite sex, besides my partner provides everything I need for me and sponsors me. I get all the sexual satisfaction of my female partner and also fingers myself anytime I feel for sex” she revealed.

When asked if she is willing to bow out of the social device, she said no because she had sworn to an oath not to quit on the day of being lure into it.

“I don’t bathe together with any other girl because if I tried, I will finger her and convince her to join me but you see this is something I want to exit, no one knows am a lesbian in the school because I don’t show any sign but I don’t entertain boys,” she stated.

Telling how she got into the act, the girl (name withheld) said, she was lured into the act by a friend.

I visited a friend called Fausia who is now in Saudi Arabia at her private apartment in an estate at Legon, they were 12 girls all living in their private apartment in the same house.

Fausia offered me a room and left me alone, some few minutes later a girl join me and started proposing love to me, so I told her I don’t know and do not understand what she meant but she told me to take it cool and listen to her because she is going to provide anything I need in life.

“She left me and came back with a nightie and asked me not to locked my room because she will come back but I didn’t bother because we were all ladies so there wasn’t any fear lay in me”.

“Whilst I was sleeping, I felt some hand robbing on my body so I grabbed her and asked what she wanted but all she could say was that you’re young to understand. In the struggle, my friend Fausia joined us and asked me to allow her to do what she wants to do with, she made some sound and that was all I felt weak”.

“My new partner open my legs and started licking me, I felt weak and was enjoying it before realised all the 12 girls had joined us and they all licked and fondle my breast in turns till the next day”.

They made me sworn an oath which was a promised not to part ways with them and not to take a boyfriend for any sexual intercourse.

In the three days that I spent with them, they will go to town and buy me so many things and a bundle of money to it and asked me to spend it within a week.

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Source: Kweku Ansah || Brytfmonline

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