B.A. Bimpong threatens to sue NPP over 10 year old Contract

Lawyers of An aggrieved member of the New Patriotic party, Bafour Amo Bimpong, has threatened to sue the Party, Chairman Freddy Blay and the President of Ghana, Nana Akufo Addo for failing to settle a ten year old debt owed him after the execution of a contract.

A letter dated 27th September 2017, from the Law Temple in Accra, signed by Raphael Alijina Esq.  and delivered to the General Secretary of the NPP, John Boadu, stated among others that “our instructions are that  running up to the 2008 presidential  and Parliamentary elections of the Republic of Ghana, your party contracted our client (Bafour Amo Bimpong) to among other things, arrange  buses  to transport  citizens of Ghana residents in the Republic of Cote D’Ivoire to travel to Ghana to register and vote in the General Elections.

“Our client tells us that accordingly he entered into a series of contracts with transport owners in the Republic of Cote D’Ivoire to transport all such interested Ghanaian resident in the Republic of Cote D’Ivoire to travel to Ghana and vote in the General Elections”, the letter stated.

“Our further instructions are that persons within the party who dealt with our client are Mr Kofi Konadu Apraku, Ken Ofori Atta, Kelly Gazekpo, Asenso Boakye, Yoofi Grant, Yaw Amfo Kwakye and Ambassador Kabral Amihere.

“Our further instructions are that your party however refused to pay our client for the work he did by contracting with transport owners to transport Ghanaians in Cote D’Ivoire to Ghana to register and vote in the elections”.

“Furthermore, your party also refused to give money to our client to pay off the transport owners who transported the people to Ghana.  As a result, the Transport owners in Cote D’Ivoire  caused the arrest  and long detention of our client , and he was tried  for criminal charge of  defrauding by false pretense  until he managed  to escape with his family  and sought asylum in the Republic of Nigeria where he further resisted several attempts by the authorities in Cote D’Ivoire  for his deportation  to Cote D’Ivoire  to face trial  of the criminal charge until he  again escaped to Ghana in early 2017”.

“Our client tells us that since 2008 he wrote several letters to your party including a petition to the President, Nana Akufo Addo, but all fell on deaf ears”.

“The Purpose of this letter is to demand for your party to make a suitable arrangement to pay off all the amount our client owes the transport owners for which reason he still has the criminal charge hanging on his neck in the republic of Cote D’Ivoire and pay handsome compensation to him for the work he did for the party and for which he suffered and continue to suffer criminal prosecution in the Republic of Cote D’Ivoire”.

“Take notice that we have full instructions of our clients to take legal action against the party and the individuals of the party involved if the party fails to give positive response to this letter within 14 days upon receipt of the letter and without further notice to the party”.

The  loyal member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP)  petitioned President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo this year to help address the  serious party issue that  contributed to his downfall.

In a two page letter to the president, Mr B.A. Bimpong said he was contracted by the NPP through Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku, the 2008 campaign manager of the party to run specific errand for the party- to bring people from the Ivory Coast to Ghana to enable them vote in the first and Second Round Elections for that year.

“I sacrificed everything including my life for that risky task. Little did I know I would be rewarded with impunity, unnatural wickedness and extreme cruelty? I now find myself depressed and oppressed in life,” he stated.

According to him, though he performed the task perfectly to the admiration of the NPP, Mr Kofi Konadu Apraku and the NPP refused to pay him, leading to his arrest in Ivory Coast when he could not pay the transport owners who bussed the party supporters to Ghana.

He said he was contracted by Dr Apraku with the support of Ken Ofori Atta, Current Minister of Finance, Kelly Gazekpo, also a known member of the party, one Asenso Boakye, Deputy Chief of Staff, among others

The full petition of Mr B. A. Bimpong is published below:


Your Excellency,

“I plead with you to urgently intervene in this matter in order to rescue me from the sickening and horrifying situation I have been passing through since December, 2008”.

“It is not a deliberate intention to bring this issue into the public domain. But as a result of the blockage of my numerous petitions and letters to you by the princes and princesses of Persia within and around the party headquarters and the flagstaff house.

Since December, 2008 I have sent over 20 written petitions to your office and some through the party headquarters. The first two being a letter through courier express –FedEX lnternational with Air waybill No.848722826539 dated January,28,2009, addressed to NANA ADDO DANQUAH, NPP headquarters, Accra and the other through email: info@akuffoaddo.org on Thursday 4yh December,2009 at 14h52. The last two were copies of similar petitions sent to the Chief of staff and another of similar one to chairman of the council of state and the two addressed to HIS EXCELLENCY, THE PRESIDENT OF RHE REPUBLIC OF GHANA FLAGSTAFF HOUSE.

Your Excellency, I am a journalist. I was a press correspondent in the parliament and also regular in party’s campaign in 2008.

I was contracted by the NPP through Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku, the 2008 campaign manager of the party to run specific errand for the party. I sacrificed everything including my life for that risky task. Little did I know I would be rewarded with impunity, unnatural wickedness and extreme cruelty? I now find myself depressed and oppressed in life.

Your excellency, with the greatest respect I cannot tell details of the deal in this publicity. I will rather plead with your Excellency to summon the under listed personalities of the party who knew about or played a role or the other in the deal that has caused my predicament.

  1. Dr.Kofi Konadu Apraku-2008 NPP campaign manager
  2. Mr.Keli Gazepo-2008 chairman of the finance committee of the party
  3. Mr. Ken Ofori Atta – financier of the NPP
  4. Mr. Yoofi Grant- financier of the NPP
  5. Mr.Yaw Amfo Kwakye -2008 special assistant to Nana Addo Danquah
  6. Mr.Asenso Boakye-2008 member of Nana Addo’s campaign team
  7. Ambassador Amihere – the then Ghana’s ambassador to RCI, offered me a hotel accommodation in Abidjan throughout my operation.

Your Excellency, I know you believe in the rule of law and justice, a renowned human right activist, it is my fiem believe that if this petition reaches your desk, your action on the matter will end my 8 years of suffering.

I arrived in this country on the 20th January, 2017, the first time in 8 years.

I called Dr. Kofi Konadu Apraku whom I had earlier informed of my coming. He replied with a text message directing me to Mr. Yaw Kwakye, the then personal assistant to you. In  getting in touch with him he referred me to the party headquarters.

I got to the party headquarters but the best answer I could get from the acting general secretary, was that if I like I can cause an arrest of Dr. Apraku or I can proceed to court and make my claims from Dr. Apraku and the 2008 campaign team but not from the party.

I left to the chief of staff at the flagstaff house to hand over another petition on 2nd February 2017.

The political assistant to your chief of staff later informed me that, he and Mr. Asenso Boakye have been mandated by the Chief of Staff to look into the matter and make recommendations.

In early April, I was called on phone from the office of the Chief of Staff that the duo have finished their findings and requested me to summit my report for compensation apart from the outstanding debts or claims, of which I did.

From the day I made my submission, only the register of the reception can attest to the number of times I have being in the Chief of Staff’s just to be given new appointment.

In a desperate move to ensure justice done and also get out of the 8 years socio-economic woes and predicaments that am facing, another petition is sent to the Chairman of the Council of State, but for over a month now, the is no response.

Your Excellency, I humbly plead with you to delve into this matter to enable the stakeholders know that injustice done anywhere is a threat to justice done everywhere and justice delayed is justice denied.

Thank you.

Long live His Excellency.


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