Bank of Ghana is Biased- Birim North Bank Customers claim

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Customers of Birim North Rural Bank at Afosu in the Birim North District of the Eastern Region, claim Bank of Ghana is very biased in handling issues under its jurisdiction.

Citing the current crisis that hit two banks, Capital Bank and UT Bank, Mr. Prince Adinyira, leader of the customers of distressed Birim North Rural Bank, formerly Asuoprah Rural Bank, minced no words in stating that Bank of Ghana took the matter serious because of the involvement of Pastor Mensah Otabil and Prince Amoabeng in the matter.

“For some seven years now, we the customers of Birim North Bank have been calling on BoG to come to our rescue following the crisis that hit our bank leading to the loss of millions in savings. They never bothered to come to our rescue,” he recalled.

“If they can swiftly respond to the crisis at UT and Capital banks, then we have no option but to say they are biased and only interested in protecting the interest of the already-rich at the expense of poor tax-payers just to be seen as working”, Mr. Adinyira pointed out.

For the past eight (8) years or so, customers of the Birim North Rural Bank have not been able to cash their own monies saved with the bank without any tangible reason from the management. Those who started doing business with the financial institution after change in management have added up to the number of customers whose monies remain locked up.

Several petitions by the customers to the Bank of Ghana and various institutions have fallen on deaf ears as things worsen for these unfortunate Ghanaians who remain unsure of their fate.

These developments have compelled the customers to conclude that Bank of Ghana is biased and only cares for the interest of the affluent just to create false impressions in the public eye.

Mr. Adinyira wants the Presidency to take this matter seriously and probe the activities of BoG in relation to other distressed banks. He believes the probe would expose the failure of the Central Bank to live up to its supervisory mandate.

“I appeal to President Nana Akufo-Addo to take this matter seriously to save the numerous customers of Birim North Rural Bank, and other banks, many of whom have become destitute as a result of the negligence of officials of Bank of Ghana, that survives on the poor tax-payer’s sweat-gotten money,” he appealed.



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