Bawumia must Apologise for Lying to Ghanaians – Dep Minority Leader

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The Deputy Minority Leader in Parliament, Hon James Klutse Avedzi, has charged the Vice-President, Dr. Alhaji Mahamidu Bawumia, to apologize to Ghanaians on the issue of government borrowing and stop resorting to media chauvinism because he thinks he has an avalanche of newspapers at his disposal to cover up for “his lies”.

to Ghanaians especially during the issue of his campaign message in the 2016 elections.

He said during the 2016 general elections Dr Bawumia appealed to the emotions of Ghanaians by lying to them for votes, and now that he has gotten it, he is defending it with another set of lies. This, he stated, constitutes double standards.

Hon. Avedzi, who also doubles as the chairman of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) of Parliament, and the Member of Parliament for Ketu North in the Volta Region made this charge in an interview with The New Independent in reaction to a charge on him by the Vice-President on the issue.

The Vice-President had challenged him to provide evidence on when and where he stated during the 2016 campaign that his government would not borrow if it came to power, as attributed to him by Hon. Avadzi.

Hon Avedzi however insists it is a fact and public information that when then vice-presidential candidate Bawumia was campaigning in 2016, he stated that Ghana has all the resources here and that external borrowing was not necessary.

As such, if his party, the New Patriotic Party (NPP) was voted into power, it would not borrow. “Now, you come to power and you start borrowing! Doesn’t that constitute double standards?” he quarried.

Expressing surprise at what he called the Vice-President’s “U-turn on borrowing” now that his party is in power, Hon. Avedzi wondered what constituted irresponsible borrowing or otherwise, borrowing, as described by the vice president, wondering which of them did not mean ‘borrowing’.

The Deputy Minority Leader argued that all the loans that were contracted during the NDC era passed through Parliament, and wondered if MPs too did contribute to the Vice-President’s so-called irresponsible borrowing.

He dared the Dr Bawumia to produce a single loan contracted under the NDC, which was irresponsible.

Hon. Avedzi stated that during the President’s recent encounter with the press, Host of Citi FM’s Breakfast Show, Benard Koku Avle, asked the President why his government should borrow, following their claim during the 2016 electioneering campaign that since Ghana has all the resources and men here, and therefore needless to borrow, the vice-president was completely evasive of the question.

This, Hon. Avedzi noted was clear that the Vice-President and his NPP administration had back-tracked on their campaign message on borrowing.

According to him, they used that to solicit votes from the electorate, and after getting it, they are now defending it.

This, Hon. Avedzi noted, was palpable deceit, and as such, Vice-President Mahamudu Bawumia and his NPP government should eat the humble pie and apologize profusely to Ghanaians, and stop this display of media chauvinism.

Source: S.O. Ankamah || The New Independent 

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