Before the Misinformation Minister Misinforms us about the Police under Mahama

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The phenomenon now is blaming their abysmal performance on the Mahama Administration. Books being supplied to our schools by the education ministry were ordered and paid for by the Mahama administration but the Education Minister told Ghanaians that the man [Mahama] built 123 new secondary schools and additional 23 new secondary schools (world bank support), renovated and built new Junior Secondary Schools, built teachers and headmasters bungalows, supplied computers and other teaching and learning materials, did not supply a single book to our schools the whole of his four years.

Before the misinformation comes to tell us that former President Mahama only distributed 10 tricycles to the police service, let me share with you few equipments and logistics the Mahama administration distributed to the police service. Under Mahama

-The numerical strength of the police service improved from 23,204 in 2012 to 32,117 in 2014 and increased by 2016 this resulted in police- population ratio of 1:724 as against 1:100 in 2010. This brought Ghana closer to the UN benchmark of 1:500.

-This led to an increase in police visibility and accessibility, which is key crime detection, prevention and control

– Available statistics at the police service show that between 2013 and 2014 the crime dropped by over 5000 and dropped further by 2016.

-For the first time in Ghana’s history, a marine police unit was set up and equipped with modern speed boats to police the country’s territorial waters.

-A total of 1,424 modern crime fighting vehicles were procured for the police service

– Out of this, 1,089 high performance vehicles were procured against 547 that were bought between 2001 and 2008

– Bullet proof vests, riot control gear and modern mobile clinic vans were procured for the police.

-ICT training for police which was sponsored by GIFEC

Apart these achievements, President Mahama initiated many policies and programmes to improve policing in the country when he headed the police council as Vice President of the republic and implemented many of these programmes when he took over from his boss and mentor, Prof Mills. These include

– A proposed housing policy for our police personnel

-The 104-bed Police Hospital expansion in Accra

-Special training for our police personnel.

Under the Mahama administration, Ghana maintained her status as one of the most respected countries noted for her support for peacekeeping, and a peaceful place to seek asylum and doing business because of how our police personnel in collaboration with other security agencies conducted themselves.

President Mahama personally rode through town to ascertain for himself happenings in town especially where the police personnel mount their barrier and advised the police high command accordingly.

Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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