“Beginnings” to hit Television Screens soon                            

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A religiously inclined initiative conceived and hatched by Media Heritage Consult that will see churches in the country recount their historical antecedent-what makes them unique; their contributions to the socio-economic development of Ghana, challenges as well as prospects, will soon hit television screens in the country.

The theology concept christened “Beginnings” is a 40 minute TV show which seeks to intellectually dissect the genesis of a particular church including its doctrines, practices, not forgetting the leadership structure and organogram will be the cornerstone, fulcrum and focus of this intellectually stimulating and informative television show.

The show, according to the brainchild of the concept, Mr. Davis Boateng, will have three main segments namely introduction and a sneak peak into the churches activities, the main discussions and the churches gallery.

The show will have a two member panel. A church representative and a church historian while the moderator of the show conduct affairs.

History, Mr. Boateng stated is a vital component of every movement and organization. Any entity, he said that downplay it history cannot stay relevant and propagate what underpin its doctrines, principles and philosophy.

History, he adds, should jealously be guarded by every individual and entity. Failure to do so, he said, will lead to a negative shift in paradigm, direction, focus and ultimately consigned any individual, groups and institutions into the abyss of insignificance. He said “it is important for every transitional body to continually tell its history and project it in a manner that will attract the attention of every generation. It is for this reason that it has become imperative to tell the history of churches in Ghana in this well-package TV show dubbed “BEGINNINGS”.”

The brainchild of “BEGINNINGS” opined that in an era where churches are springing up it has become necessary to use this program to shape their focus and give them a good foundation by studying and observing how it all begun. Ghana’s socio-economic progress, according to him, has largely depended on the introduction of Christianity.

Mr. Boateng explained “If we are not able to remind ourselves of some of the core mandates of churches in Ghana our actions will continue to produce young churches without focus that lead its flock astray. The program, he stated, will also serve as research materials for academic institutions.”

This paper has established that the show will be intercepted with group discussions to encourage members of the Christianity to participate in the program.

Mr. Boateng said “since this program is an educational program we intend to get theologians with deep knowledge in early church history from the various seminaries and other Christian institutes to contribute to the program.  Though Beginnings will be a recorded program, we will also give opportunities to our numerous viewers to participate in the program via social media and will be projected on the screen.”

Source: Adovor Nutifafa


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