Beninese MPs decry prevalence of fake drugs

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…Say Benin gateway for fake medicine in Africa

Members of the ECOWAS Parliament from the Republic of Benin have expressed concern over the increased sale of fake drugs while at the same time, commended their government for initiating measures to combat the spread of the scourge. Hon. David Gbahoungba, conveyed these sentiments while presenting the Benin Country Report to Plenary, as was presided over by the First Deputy Speaker, Hon. Sulaimon Yussuff Lasun (Nigeria).

The Report informed Plenary that Benin is the second gateway for fake medicines in Africa, adding that the sale of fake medicines has become the bane of the Republic.

“An International Institute for Research Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) and WCO report dated the 20th of January 2017, ranks Benin as the 2nd gateway for fake drugs in Africa, behind Nigeria (34.91 percent) with a total of 25.84 percent” , Hon. Gbahoungba reported.

Quoting the World Health Organization (WHO), the Report further revealed that at least 800,000 persons die each year due to ingestion of fake pills and tablets, while about 10 percent of products in circulation are fake.

Concerning efforts by the government to eradicate the disturbing trend, the Report further said the current administration under the supervision of the Ministry of interior and health has begun a vast operation to dismantle the traffic-prone areas. Law enforcement agencies, according to the Report has so far arrested 109 traffickers, confiscated 80 tons of fake drugs after raiding all sprawling markets and ridding them of the nefarious trade.


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