Biakoye District: Why we rejected Millicent Kabuki Caboo as our DCE

…the Invisible Forces factor

President Nana Akufo-Addo’s nominee for the District Chief Executive position for Biakoye, Millicent Kabuki Caboo, has suffered another humiliating rejection from the assembly members. For the third time running she was unable to secure the required number of votes that would guarantee her confirmation. .

According to the Assembly members, there was consensus within them to vote and confirm her this time round considering the roles former Biakoye Constituency Chairman, Daniel Korsina, Constituency and District party executives, including Millicent Kabuki Caboo herself played in appealing to them to endorse her nomination.

They however indicated that, Millicent Kabuki Caboo’s conduct a day to, and the confirmation day destroyed all efforts made for her endorsement.

According to them, Millicent Kabuki Caboo on the day of the voting brought over fifty invincible forces to raid the venue and this angered the already bitter assembly members, who were hitherto ready to vote massively for her endorsement.

“We were angered by what she did. She brought in invincible forces to cause mayhem. Before today’s voting, we have made up our minds to vote and endorse her, but we realized that she revoked the president’s appointees and replaced them with other people who are close relatives to some elected assembly members which means that if she is given the nod, she will ensure that those elected assembly members are removed from office,” they said.

According to the Assembly members, despite the lot of work done by Daniel Korsina together with other executives of the party and Millicent Kabuki Caboo herself, her last decision to bring in invincible forces destroyed every arrangement done with them for her endorsement.

Asked why they got angered by the presence of invincible forces, the Assembly members stressed that they were not ready to work with such a person who has already begun showing signs of vindictiveness, wickedness and intimidating, hence their decision to vote against her.

The Assembly members also indicated that, Millicent Kabuki Caboo was boasting about the creation of the Volta North, claiming that the President decided to create that Region purposely for her to head as the Regional Minister.

“We can tell you that all these are the contributing factors that worked against her confirmation,” they said.

Millicent Kabuki Caboo was nominated among persons to become Municipal, Metropolitan and District Chief Executives of the various districts of the country.

The Biakoye District Assembly members during the first round of confirmation rejected Millicent Kabuki Caboo when she managed to get 18 votes from the total 43 votes cast by the Assembly members.

The President again re-nominated her but the Assembly members again rejected her even though there were calculated attempts to overturn the decision of the Assembly members to her favour.

The Assembly members however indicated that they are prepared to reject her even if she is re-nominated for hundred times, appealing to the President to nominate another person from the 17 member list presented to his office. 

Source: Prosper Agbenyega


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