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Binduri Youth Activist Questions Catherine Afeku

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Madam Catherine,

Greetings from Binduri.

I understand you said Kofi Adu- Agya Koo is more popular than John Dumelo, right?

I read it from the Web and couldn’t believe a literate cum Minister uttered those words.

Really? Are you kidding me?

Do you mean to say you are the only stranger in Jerusalem?

What are pearls to swines?

So of all the celebrities in Ghana, you’ve not found any incompetent wannabe to disrespect?

How did we get here?

How did you arrive at your conclusion?

Dumelo have over 5million followers on Facebook whilst Agya Koo has about 35000; shouldn’t this ring something in your ears?

Most of my Northern brothers have never heard of the name Agya Koo in their life before. Ask them who is Agya Koo and they may tell you he is a Watchman. Because they neither speak nor understand Twi.

How many Ghanaians patronize Twi movies? And how many producers featured Agya Koo in the past 5 years?

Agya Koo is a fake visa contractor and that’s all I know about him. I also heard your incompetent government made him 1D1F ambassador. The joke of our times. Hahahahaaaaa!!

Maybe you said that because he’s an NPP foot soldier but I humbly believe anyone with his or her head properly  placed won’t spew such nonsense. Or were you drunk when you granted the interview?

Hate can’t win. People like you must stop screwing around.

John Dumelo is a celebral god and that’s non-negotiable.

Comparing John Dumelo to Agya Koo is like comparing a V8 to an ‘Aboboyaa’; I’m talking about a tricycle which Agya Koo donated to your campaign in 2016. Complete mischief.

Any way, you must be seen working. Had it not been this comment I honestly didn’t know you are a Minister. I thought the business man who claimed you dubbed him succeeded in getting you out of the appointment  list. Interesting!

Well, I have one advise for you. Leave Dumelo’s image alone. Those who swallow eggs like snakes do not know how difficult it takes the hen to lay them. You’ve never been popular in your life and you don’t know what it takes to be. The man toiled for his image. If you can’t promote him for political expedience, don’t demonize him. He has always made Ghana proud.

It is a pity people like you are ministers, our challenges are really fearsome with characters like you occupying leadership positions.


Am ever,

Assibid Dauda

The Binduri Youth Activist

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