Bishop Adjeman, Winners Chapel Ghana win landmark case against Bishop Oyedepo.

The General Overseer of Winners Chapel Ghana has won a landmark case against his former colleague Bishop Oyedepo of the Winners Chapel International.

In a case that traveled for almost thirteen years in which the Nigerian plaintiff sought to among others claim that Bishop George Adjeman stole his Church and renamed it “Winners Chapel Ghana”.

In his ruling, the High Court Judge, Justice Ofori Atta, on Friday July 28, 2017, ruled the case in favour of the defendant Bishop George Adjeman.

The Judge dismissed the charged of theft against the General Overseer of Winners Chapel Ghana, (WCG), on the basis that the contention of the name “Winners Chapel Ghana” was registered by the defendant in 2005, as against the plaintiff claim.

Speaking to The Punch newspaper, the head Pastor of Winners Chapel Ghana, Snr Pastor Ken Kpodo said “it was the Lord’s doing because the judgement of 13 years case against us was delivered within thirteen minutes by the judge”.

He averred that the contention was to ascertain who registered the name “Winners Chapel Ghana” first as against the claimant’s allegations of stolen name.

In determining who truly registered the three names the Department of Registrar General was brought in to assist the court verify between the Oyedepo faction and Adjeman faction which first registered the name.

Pastor Kpodo who is affectionately called Pastor Ken said it was proved in Court by the relevant body that Bishop George Adjeman and his group had registered the name legally and did not infringe on any law of the land.

He revealed that an attempt by the Bishop Oyedepo faction to register “Winners Chapel international” at the Registrar General proved abortive because the system had already captured  the name of Winners Chapel Ghana and Bishop Adjeman.

The Church celebrated their hard won legal battle against the Lagos Authority with praises to God saying the Lord has vindicated Winners Chapel Ghana.

According to Bishop Adjeman, they didn’t take anyone to court but it was the Lagos Church that instituted legal action against them in Accra court and lost.

Bishop Adjeman however maintained that notwithstanding he still regards Bishop Oyedepo as his spiritual father.

He recounted how he visited him at his Lagos base in 2010 in the middle of the legal tussle against all odds that made him lost the legal representation of his counsel Lawyer Quashie Idun who withdrew his service to WCG on the basis of the visit to Lagos.

He said unknown to him every details of conversation he had with Bishop Oyedepo in Lagos were recorded and tendered in Accra court as evidence against him yet the Lord had vindicated him and the church.

Watchout for details of the  court judgement soon

Source: Kwesi Coomson, Accra,

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