BNI Director was reassigned for opposing “Ghana-US Military Cooperation Agreement”

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Mr William Akwasi Appiah who until last Thursday was the Director of the Bureau of National Investigations (BNI), has been reassigned. His reassignment was attributed to the visit to the BNI by former President Mahama when Koku Anyidoho the Deputy General Secretary of the NDC was arrested and detained over a statement he made on Radio.

People came to that conclusion because his reassignment came a day after Mr Mahama and a number of officials of the National Democratic Congress were allowed access to Koku Anyidoho, who was in the custody of the BNI. The Minister of National Security Albert Kan Dapaah denied the story in a  radio interview which was later corroborated by a statement issued and signed by information Minister Mustapha Hamid.

Reliable information emanating from the Presidency alleges that the former BNI director was reassigned because of his stance on the Ghana-United States Military Cooperation Agreement.

Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul
Defence Minister Dominic Nitiwul

According to our sources, the undercurrents were laid bare during a meeting between the former BNI boss, the Defense Minister, the National Security Minister, the interior Minister and officials from the Presidency before he travelled to the United States.

The former BNI boss, according to our sources, had become a thorn in the side of the Presidency and the National Security with his criticism of the agreement.

Most security experts consulted by the National Security Minister, the Defense Minister and the Presidency believe his analysis are right. But the ministers did not want to hear the truth or at least to be reminded of the dangerous consequences repeatedly.

Before his departure to the United States,  William Akwasi Appiah was asked by his ministers to consider his position. His response was that he stood by his position.

According to our sources, the former BNI boss told his bosses that sensitive security agreements should be based on evidence.

He said it’s a bit odd to enter into an agreement that goes in the face of evidence.

He told his bosses that the scientific evidence supporting his opposition to the agreement is available and it’s in all the reports his outfit published. He said his judgements about the agreement have been based on great deal of very detailed scientific appraisal.

According to a senior officer at the BNI, they have taken that position against the agreement because the counterterrorism tactics that accompanied the build up of United States assistance in all the African countries where they operate have featured mass police sweep, arbitrary detention, disappearances, and summary executions targeting not only suspected terrorists, but alleged sympathisers of Muslim communities generally.

He said, Ghana is too peaceful a nation to invite these complex problems here. He supported his assertion with a report released by the Kenyan National Commission for Human Rights (KNCHR) documenting disappearances and killings of residents and suspects along the Somalia border and the Kenya Coast.

Worshippers were grabbed as they left mosques and Kenya Wildlife Service rangers allegedly shot dead cattle herders, most of whom were Muslims. He said we must prevent such ugly incidents in Ghana.

According to the BNI official, the difference between this particular agreement and the previous arrangements is that- the previous arrangement between the two countries were for a specific purpose and had the blessings of Ecowas and the AU. He said this particular deal is strictly between Ghana and the United States which to him could create unnecessary suspicion and tension in the subregion. He condemned government’s decision to reassign his boss.

According to him, some hardworking BNI officials suffered same ordeal when they advised government not to make the NCA-National equipments acquisition issue a political chess game.

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