Why Boakye Agyarko was pushed out and the real Fraud of this Aker/AGM Deal

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Remember Boakye Agyarko? The former Minster of Petroleum who was booted out of office because of the novated Ameri deal?
Remember his own words after he was booted out, “i will speak when the dust settles?”

Well he still hasn’t spoken for partisan reasons, but now i can confidently tell you why Boakye Agyarko was booted out and replaced with Peter Amewu.
Somewhere last year, AGM wrote to the Ministry of Energy to ask for an amendment of their Petroleum Agreement in a letter titled “DISCUSSION ON THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SDWT PETROLEUM AGREEMENT
In that letter AGM was asking for a renegotiations of the terms of the existing Petroleum Agreement.

On 26th June, 2018, then Minister of Petroleum Boakye Agyarko wrote a reply to AGM in a letter tittled “RE:DISCUSSIONS ON THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF THE SDWT PETROLEUM AGREEMENT

In that letter, then Minster Boakye Agyarko wrote back to AGM asserting firmly that a renegotiations of the terms of the Petroleum Agreement was in not the best in interest of Ghana.
He wrote in his reply…
“We have read the contents of your letter carefully,and have come to a conclusion that it is not in the best interest of Government to renegotiate the terms of a closed Petroleum Agreement”

“Any such reviews would amount to us trying to execute a new Petroleum Agreement and this will require the application of the (Exploration and Production) Act 2016,Act 919 and all the laws and regulations that have been promulgated subsequent to the Act.”

“We are therefore not in the position to accept your request for a review of the terms of the AGM Petroleum Agreement.”

This was the vivid words of Boakye Agyarko and this was what made him a target.

Remember the ExxonMobil deal, during the NDC era, ExxonMobil asked for a waiver of Act 919, The government decided it couldn’t waive it because of its implications, this new government came in and waived it for ExxonMobil amidst real concerns of loss of revenue for the State.

After the ExxonMobil deal and the waiverof Act 919 for ExxonMobil, AGM also wrote to government requesting for a waiver of the same Act 919 and Boakye Agyarko then Minister looking at the national interest declined to accept that request.

The “powerful” behind the deal knew that the only way they could achieve this new request by AGM was to push Boakye Agyarko out to make way for the deal to go through because he was the only stumbling block for a review of the AGM Petroleum Agreement.

Ghanaians must really hail Boakye Agyarko, he was a noble man in the midst of thieves, he didn’t belong there…

But these people are not just thieves, they are criminals, i mean real cartels….

Now look at this…
these Aker people, were in Ghana as Aker AS under an old Petroleum Agreement, their contract was abrogated and when they were leaving they said they had spent money in the development of the cysmic and well data and so needed to be compensated.
GNPC then took our hard earned cash of $30million dollars and gave it to this Aker AS people and they left Ghana.
But that $30million dollars was carried in a new Petroleum Agreement with AGM as 24% for a subsidiary of GNPC called Explorco

Today, these same Aker AS people who took our $30million dollars and left the Country are back under a new name Aker Energy and they want to take over the same interest of Explorco which they took $30million dollars for free of charge without refunding the $30million dollars that was payed to them…..thieves!!!

But my brothers sisters, Ghana spent millions of dollars during the ITLoS arbitrations to get those oil wells back, these were areas Ivory Coast was claiming territorial boundary interests and we fought with our sweat and blood and the hard earned resources of Ghana to secure those oil wells only to give out freely to a foreign Company and dilute the State’s interest.
If we didnt want these oil rich wells which Ivory Coast was fighting over why didn’t we relinquish it to them for huge sums of money for the State?

This is a double loss for our their Country and i have no way to express my anger and outrage over this stinky deal…..


I still don’t feel any better…Maybe we need to fight harder to protect the interest of our Motherland….Ghana is certainly in the hands of thieves!!!

By Mensah Thompson
Executive Director, ASEPA

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