Bossman Asare, the Greatest Threat to Ghana’s Democracy

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The Holy Book tells us that from the fullness of the heart, the mouth speaks. Dr Bossman can no longer conceal his partiality for the NPP and his bias against the NDC. His cup will run over, sooner or later. Dr Bossman and his boss have been compromised and induced by their party (NPP) to conduct elections in their favour. There are more than enough substantiated evidence including components by Bossman and madam Jean to prove that Bossman and his boss have colluded with the NPP to execute one of the most expensive electoral fraud in the history of Ghana in 2020.

Dr Bossman’s childish behaviour and unguarded comments and statements, in a way, are insults to the NDC and other opposition parties. It is not within the purview of a corrupt and compromised electoral officials to tell the opposition parties what to do on the political landscape.

Damaged, arrogant, selfish, war monger and morally bankrupt Bossman will go down in history a EC deputy commissioner who sold his soul to the devil for the love of material things.

Whoever has any iota of doubt about the weak character, bad conduct and arrogance of Bossman only needs to read his latest outburst against the NDC to clear such reservations.

Even those who evilishly sacked Charlotte and replaced her with the current leadership and have benefited from their electoral scam have been embarrassed by this reckless, partisan, insulting, childish, useless and gratuitous statement. Ghanaians are already worried because of the lopsided appointments of the EC Commissioners. Most of commissioners appointed by the current president including Bossman and Jean are loyal members of the NPP.

The current EC headed by Jean Mensah is perhaps the greatest threat to the growth, flowering, and faith in the Electoral process in Ghana since 1992. This isn’t flippant hyperbole. Bossman and Jean’s EC is out and away the most incompetent, useless, corrupt, and compromised EC Ghana has had since the rebirth of democracy.

Dr Bossman must be told that the Electoral Commission is not his personal property. When it comes to issues of the NPP, Bossman and Boss are always on the straight line, when it comes to the opposition’s issues, it is completely biased. The working style of President Akufo-Addo, the NPP and their agents is to put pressure on state institutions. I do not expect that the EC will not be affected by that pressure.

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