Bugri Naabu gets 48 hour ultimatum to retract defamatory comments

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Bugri Naabu

UPPER East Regional Minister Rockson Bukari has given Northern Regional Chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Daniel Bugri Naabu, 48 hours to retract and offer unconditional apology for defamatory comments on an Accra-based private radio station, which has been widely circulated.

“We have firm instructions to, without further notice to you, and upon your failure, neglect or refusal to fully satisfy our client’s demands herein, take out a suit and hold you, the platforms used and those carelessly republishing, liable for your said defamatory comments”, a demand notice issued by Lawyer Samson Lardy Anyenini of A-Partners@Law, said.

Naabu alleged that Bukari was deeply involved in the unfortunate murder of the former Upper East Regional chairman of the NPP in 2015.

The demand notice said “our client’s demands are for an immediate unconditional unequivocal written retraction and apology for those unprovoked and maliciously defamatory statements”.

“Our client for the avoidance of doubt, wishes to place on record that your said allegations are completely false and that also explains why investigations by appropriate state authorities have never remotely linked him or any person(s) associated with him with the dastardly act”.

According to the demand notice, the retraction and unconditional apology must contain an undertaking never to repeat said false claims, and same must be given same prominence as publications and republications complained about, within 48 hours, from yesterday.

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