To Build or Not to Build a National Cathedral?

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The recent outburst of the public regarding government’s plan to build a national Cathedral reminds me of a story in the Bible: 2 Samuel chapter 7.

David had a personal conviction to build a house for the Lord stemming from the fact that he (David) was “dwelling in a house of Cedar whiles the Ark of God dwelled in curtains”.

This thought was very right and timely one may posit. In fact, he consulted Prophet Nathan relative to his intention and got approval for same.

However, God told Nathan to tell David not to build him a house (Cathedral) for Him (God). 2 Samuel 7:5

God had a good relationship with David but felt there were other relevant issues David needed to deal with to enhance his life, benefit his generation and future generations.

We see in the account of the Bible, how David heeded to that instruction.

Government wants to honour God by this gesture and that we are all proud that, as a people we have not thrown the pearls of our first love to swine. But when you have such almost unanimous Public our cry in dissent, indeed a cry that is suggestive if not capable of polarising our beautiful country on religious lines, officialdom must appreciate the relevance of the cliche that says “the voice of the people is the voice of God”

As a young man and a patriot, I am also looking at the many challenges that confronts our country and wondering if a National Cathedral is a necessity or the solution now? Think about the Massive Unemployment of record levels, consider the appalling economic situations, imagine gross ineptitude of some public officers to name a few and you will concur with me that, we need no cathedral now.

I will suggest we comply as David did, and God will bless us mightily.

Source: Andrew Atariwini

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