Call for enquiry into Bribery Allegation against Bugri Naabu

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Mr President, you made this call during your inaugural speech at the Independence Square –
“I urge you to be citizens, not spectators; citizens, not subjects. Responsible citizens building our communities and our nation. Let us work until the work is done”.

I have sworn to abide by this call to help make Ghana the Mecca we all envisage. I have been following discussions on corruption and other negative activities by public officials and how they affect our nation’s progress and one person who comes to mind when discussing corruption issues is your own Ace Ankomah one of the fine legal minds we have in the country. Let me use this opportunity to remind you of some of the crusader’s (Ace Ankomah) messages

“the country does not need any new laws to fight corruption because there are existing laws when applied to the latter, can rid the nation of corruption. The issue of corruption has become a topical issue in recent years following some high profile cases of corruption scandals which have rocked the nation.”

Mr Ace Ankomah and other anti- corruption crusaders constantly chastised the Mahama administration over corruption allegations and inveighed against allegations which were under independent investigation.This was what Mr Ace Ankomah said during of one his lectures on corruption

“The Mahama-led government has come under fire for its seeming unresponsiveness to numerous calls from citizens for persons indicted in corruption cases to be prosecuted.”

President Kufour was chastised by many Ghanaians for saying that he wasn’t going investigate corruption allegations in his government. This statement generated different interpretations and condemnation but listening to Mr Ace and his crusaders, I understood the logic in President Kufour’s assertion. This was what Ace said in response to attempts President Mahama made to fight corruption in his own administration

“Looking at some of the attitudes of some of the government people, I don’t think they are ready to listen”

Mr President Ghana has laws guiding conduct of public officers captured in chapter twenty four of our constitution. Apart from what is enshrined in our constitution, we have other promulgated laws and regulations guiding conduct of our public officers and I know a lawyer of your calibre shall surely abide strictly these provisions and laws to ensure discipline in your government.

Mr President, the position of DCE or MMDC is one of the respected and important positions (appointment) in our governance structure hence the need to attach seriousness and circumspection when making appointments to these offices.I don’t think the appointment of our MMDCES must be based on who pays the “fattest” bribe to the appointing authorities or, must be based on cronyism and family links. Madam Otiko Djaba’s allegation against the NPP Regional Chairman Mr Bugri Naabu is a serious allegation which must be investigated fully to protect the image of the administration and the local government concept.

To offer or receive a bribe is a serious criminal offence. Bribery is of importance not only to the criminal law but also to the law of contract.Acceptance of a bribe is sufficient ground to justify the immediate dismissal without notice of any officer or agent. We must know those nominees who offered animals to the Regional Chairman. All appointments per Otiko’s revelation must be reviewed immediately and those found culpable, fired immediately.

Mr President you have the Victoria Hammah’s case and how your predecessor acted on it, as precedent to guide your decision on this matter. Mr Bugri Naabu is not a public officer but the matter involves appointment of public officers and was made by an appointee in your government. You don’t need any new laws to act on this matter as Mr Ace Ankomah said, we expect you to act swiftly on this shameful revelation.


Source: Ohenenana Obonti Krow

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