Why Can’t The Kids Be Sent Home?

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Unless the USA is not telling us something we need to know, from the look of things, things are still just not adding up, here. We were told that the two lads from Yemen were arrested and dumped among other alleged terrorists in Guantanamo Bay.

With the need to fulfill a campaign promise staring him up in the face, then US President Obama shut down the facility, and so the alleged terrorists had to be relocated.

This is where I have problems. In our culture when naughty children visit your house to mess things up, after disciplining them, you send them to their homes, or make sure they got home.

This is the natural way of justice. So why is it that Barack Obama, who has first generation African blood flowing in his veins and arteries, decide that the naughty boys who messed up his US of A were not sent back to their homes?

Another thing that beats my mind is that we are told that these guys were innocent, and if I am not mistaken, the Americans claimed it was mistaken identity, well not exactly so. The detainees, according to US officials, were cleared of all forms of terrorist acts, so why were they not sent to their home countries? What kind of justice is this?

Other sources had it that the USA had all the evidence to charge these detainees for the crimes of terrorism. The complexity is that the USA feared that releasing them from jail was just too early and they could rally up and strike again. Sending them to their home countries would not guarantee that they would turn a new leaf, even if talked to by their heads of families.

So, the best way is to adopt the principle of dispersal of seeds, meaning separating them with great distances apart, to make sure that they do not have the chance to get together and mobilise forces to strike again.

Well, if this is a good idea, I am still at a loss. Alcatraz used to be a world-famous federal penitentiary. It was America’s first maximum-security, minimum-privilege penitentiary. It was called the prison within the prison system. No criminal is sentenced directly to the island from the courts. The inmates sent there are the notorious ones from other prisons, and they make up the worst prisoners who are most incorrigible.

Alcatraz was opened in 1934 and closed in 1963. It is obvious where these hardened criminals were sent to. They were sent back to their home prisons to serve the rest of their terms. USA did not send them abroad to other nations, so why not send all GITMO detainees back to their home countries, or where they were found and arrested?

Mahmud Umar Muhammad Bin Atif, who is a 36 Yemeni citizen, was arrested fourteen years ago, when he was 22 years old, and Khalid Muhammad Salih Al-Dhuby, who is 34 and claims Yemeni nationality, was 20 years when he was arrested, also fourteen years ago.

Mumad Bin Atif is said to have married a wife recently. Information is not declaring the nationality of the woman, but only to suggest that she could possibly not be a Ghanaian. How can be so sure?

But what we need to be sure about is what the Supreme Court has indicated that since their arrival into this country was shrouded in obscurity, they are illegal immigrants and their stay must be rectified by Parliament, or they should be sent back-to-sender after three months. Well, we cannot risk them marrying more wives and creating shortages of women in this country, and here I believe the three months is even too long a period.

Anyway, I do not think we have violated any rights of these gentlemen if we send them back to the US. There the administration can come out with a policy of how to relocate them, and the only place to send them should be Yemen. Unless the US is keeping things from us about the terrorism status, I simply do not see how, especially when these guys were said to have been cleared, they should still be in some form of detention.

By the way, recently, the US deported a number of Ghanaians back to Ghana. They were deported because of a single act of lawlessness – illegal migrant status. Why did the USA not send them to Canada, UK, Australia, Germany, France, Italy, Japan or any of those wealthy Western nations? It will then make sense about dumping the detainees here on us.

Source: Daniel Dugan || The Chronicle

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