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Celebrity Model Glenn Zime opens Up on Industry Challenges

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The growing silence in Ghana’s Modeling industry seem to have been broken by Glen Zime a Gabonese international model who picked up his modeling career in Ghana over the past 4 years.

Breaking the silence Glenn who is also a lead model instructor at Focal Eye Ghana spoke passionately on the difficulty models are confronted with in their quest to chase their passion.

According to him, the main challenge is with event organizers who mostly do not consider rewarding the effort of these models.  Speaking on some personal experiences Glenn said,  “for countless number of times I secured a spot for a fashion show event after an audition and was never paid together with other colleagues and the reason  according the organizers was that the sponsors disappointed them.”

He stressed that the situation becomes more frustrating especially when one has to spend money to attend series of training sessions in preparation for event.

Stressing on some shortfalls on the part of Ghanaian models, Glen explained that, most models do not take time to build themselves for the job but rather take delight in hopping from one agency to another with high expectations that are often not realized. He described the situation as dangerous to their career.

Glenn who was adjudge a celebrity Model among other 36 models from various agencies by the Model Union of Ghana (MODUGA) and the Ministry of Tourism Arts and Culture in January 2018 has also raised concerns on the high level disunity among modeling agencies in Ghana.

He is of the view that uniting under MODUGA to set standards for modeling in Ghana can reduce the free services mostly requested by clients.

Speaking on standardization, the Chief Executive Officer of Focal Eye Ghana, Thykingdom Kudesey, stressed that; value cannot be derived from modeling in Ghana without unity.  “ Standards can be set for all modeling agencies in Ghana if all agree to work in unity and under one association. This will help provide a room for proper job negotiation and enough generated revenue to pay models,’ He added.

He lamented that, some models give themselves out so cheaply for services that could earn them a fortune.“ All these happen because most of them develop flying egos after acquiring few skills through training thinking they know it all and they eventually depart from their various agencies to seek greener pastures which they never find in most cases,” He added.

He advised models to take time and go through the required grooming in order to be well placed on the market.

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